Tuesday, August 9, 2011

London And UK Riots: Live

Tom Chivers, Raf Sanchez, Matthew Holehouse and Amy Willis

Trouble spreads from London to Midlands and North West
• Unrest in Birmingham, West Bromwich, Salford, Manchester
• London in lockdown as police anticipate fourth night of violence
• 16,000 police deployed tonight as Met leave cancelled
• Ealing resident 'in critical condition after facing rioters'
Rolling coverage of the riots that have engulfed London and other cities, as violence spreads to Birmingham, West Bromwich, Manchester, Wolverhampton and Salford.........
A few hints of ugly scenes and racial tension in Enfield, but no suggestion that it is widespread. More hearteningly, there are Street standing outside shops, apparently chanting "No-one loots us, we don't care".


  1. A little incident like this can spark mass riots in America. The politicians will blame Al Qaeda and lockdown America.

  2. Seems like Black is Black all around he globe.

  3. Lol. "Equality" in full view. Let the liberals/marxists/jews and other pro-diversity clowns bask in shame and humiliation at another defrocking of their genocidal anti-white ideology. The emperor truely has no clothes.

    Multiculturalism + diversity is a crude facade masking a programme of genocide against European derived nations.

    We produced Charles Martel, Richard the Lionheart, Jan Sobieski, and King Leonidas. God willing we will produce another.

  4. This is happen just as Gerald Celente said it would.

  5. eeeeek. been looking for this site again. It seemed to not let me log on google to here. thank goodness it works now. Riots are a thing to do. we need to smash some property i know. Truth is we cant hurt each other. we need to make example to leaders they are failing. we need to smash cars, windows, office buildings, rich homes, banks, machines, bottles, rocks, you name it we need it. again though. lets now take out anger against fellow man, how could we ever live with selves again. Im being inspired now listening to les mis, reading about riots., later I will play some rage against the machine. this is my time to shine. get ready folks bad stuff coming are way.

    - Sam

  6. many live in london, some riot, some don't, why? one took the bait-to have..life..is to get have amass drive the newest mercedes and wear the newest sneakers as shown on...tv. and if you lack something then somethings wrong. another didn't believe the lie, didn't take the bait, realized life is way more then possessions. city's full of advertisements, tv's buses with ads, billboards that even glow out their spiel..yet many choose not to believe the lie's and not follow the lie and they don't riot-loot. so no victims of advertisements here, the system, no victim of unemployment, other unemployed in london too who don't riot. many see it as a chance to get..to replace the 60 doller shoes with the 200 doller shoes, to have more, just like the rich who rush to gain and profits even while knowing their stampede for more profits and power hurts many while another doesn't do that, a problem within mankind himself..we all see the same lie's promoted, the choices we make. some people choose the lie. see someone grabbing brand new sneakers, they have...you don't? jealous? left behind in the daily show of amassing, getting? a loser because you don't have what they have? people resort to violence because of such mindset, yet what does the, doing well financially man, have as excuse for looting? what about the billionaire who does it legally. something wrong inside people of all walks of life?

    another lie is this culture/race/education excuse..many sane and normal of all cultures and races and education levels. it's not what's outside but what's inside a man. it's a shortsighted thing to say a persons skin or past or education controls their actions, sure things have an effect, we all have various encumbrances but a person chooses to act according to their belief thoughts and heart, and that's a thing, chooses to act. all this, the whole world, mankind and all that's going on will get worse. we choose our actions and our eternity.

  7. Looting and burning. Why would somebody do this? Because they have no respect for theirselves or anybody else. They have no faith or fear of God. I notice many of the people looting and burning are black or of arab descent. Spoiled rotten people who believe the world owes them. I haven't had a job in 10 months, but I don't plan on destroying my city over it. I deal with it and I have not had any government assistance. If it gets where I can't get food I would beg for it, dumpster dive, or go out in the woods and look for berries, rabbits, whatever. Or God would send me manna.

  8. How about some facts? The austerity measures (meaning that instead of going after the banks the British government went after everyone else) closed the youth centers. Since the youth unemployment numbers are as high as 70% in some places, you end up with poor people who have nothing to do.

    When the police shot a black man, the community held a large, peaceful protest--which the media didn't bother to cover. I guess rioting is the next step in getting attention.

    You know, we have more and more tent cities in the U.S., more bankruptcies, more states taking away medical aid and firing middle3-class workers, and the media doesn't cover that either. Our government pays no attention to us as well. Don't you think we ought to be holding plenty of mass protests, or do we have to wait for some community to riot?


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