Monday, August 15, 2011

We, The Human Robots - Chapter 2

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By Charles E. Rexford

Who will escape the new harsh economic realities place upon us by our leaders? If my insight is correct and if our illustrious superiors get their way, then the answer is no one will escape. In my introductory essay, I outlined the basic agenda put into place by a Royal Elitist Class (REC) who remain hidden behind our governmental leaders. If you have not done so already, please read my introductory piece at, titled Chapter 1. Since exposing the REC will take a tremendous amount of time, it is best to concentrate our efforts on the evidence trail left by these Elitists.

Just as 9/11 was the starting point for the ideological loss of constitutional freedoms and institutionalization of a police state in America, the World Banking Collapse was the first nail in the coffin for the world’s common class citizenry. The fall of Lehman Brothers Bank (along with other financial institutions) was the economic catalyst that started the dominoes falling with the ultimate goal of the total American society collapse. Now, I understand this statement on the surface appears to be exaggerative, but if one looks at the facts surrounding the banking system downfall, the causes are easily determinable.

The beginning of the end came when the “Federal Reserve”, a private organization headed by the world’s largest banks, instituted an easy money, low interest rate policy in the United States. Near the year 2000, interest rates determined by The Federal Reserve were excessively low thereby allowing easy loans via mortgage lending banks. We all remember the stories of people buying $300,000 homes in California, without even providing proof of income to the loan officer. In response, the country’s property values skyrocketed due to the exponentially increasing demand. Why were these loans made and who benefitted?


  1. interesting statements today, as with many day's lately..-must give control of budgets to brussels, and more oversight and control to is where that lady from the white house praised and confessed their power..they don't even have an government per se..just some body/panel that...has some power or something. at least their not trying to pretend to the people that the peoples vote would even mean anything..they simply have a panel, and these sit on a panel, choosen to be there by..others..anyway it's their system.

    some old writing said-these are kings without a kingdom and they give their power to these kings with no kingdom have power, even though no kingdom technically, to give to others..all very interesting. sounds like kings with no kingdoms have more power then say, those who are elected and such.

  2. sounds just like the SUPPER CONGRESS


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