Tuesday, August 2, 2011

You'll Be Shocked Just How Close the Final Debt Deal Came to Falling Apart

Zeke Miller

The markets — and the American people — always assumed Congress and President Barack Obama would reach a deal. But as late as Sunday, the White House considered economic collapse an increasingly likely outcome to months of failed talks.
According to POLITICO, negotiations reached a stalemate on Sunday afternoon over cuts to defense spending, with Republicans demanding less and Vice President Joe Biden telling Speaker of the House John Boehner that “We just can’t give there.”
"With that, a grim Obama contemplated the unthinkable: pulling the plug on a deal and precipitating a global economic crisis. Huddled in the Oval Office, the president and his top aides . . . . .


  1. Bend over American here it comes again!!!

  2. Kicking the can will result in the only possible outcome at some point: Hyperinflation and the destruction of the dollar.

    Prepare for it. Get out of anything tied to paper, as in stocks, savings (dollars), IRAs, etc.

    They are all going to -0-.

    A man with food, water, defensive weapons and 1000 ounces of junk silver will be much better off than the Wall Street millionaire.


  4. History repeats. Remember the famous poster of the Wall St trader after the '29 crash next to his expensive car? $100/for sale, I'm broke. I think it was a top of the line Caddy.

    A lot of material goods we covet so much like 50" TVs won't be worth a fresh glass of water.

    Stop chasing material possessions. Focus on important things in life.

  5. Everything these hired lapdogs do is staged,
    Oh lucky us we made it!
    Makes you want to puke when you realize the people's voice is filtered through these bought and paid for lackies.

    Everyone goddam one of them!
    An honest person would not get involved in politics period.
    Arsenic or Anthrax, democrat, republican
    different labels on the same jar of poison

  6. Not all the articles are God's truth...But if you do the math they do all point at a financial collapse...At this point people are begining to wake up but guess what?

    It's too late.

    So quit your crying, demands for governmental change which obviously isn't being allowed and just prep.

    You know that shit all you guys used to make fun of...Guns, water purification, food stocks etc.

    That honestly will make the difference not so much if you live or die but the quality of life once...NOT IF...People stop taking our dollar or there is a small collapse.

    Imagine 310 million Americans with their paycheck cut in half due to inflation?...No more mutiple vacation...Big screen TVs...Trading cars in every 3 years...Steaks/beers and cigarrettes etc etc.

    We go to trade and getting by...Not a bad thing a society built on materialism is NOT a happy society...Plus honestly we deserve a kick to the ass for letting it get this bad.

    At this point even 100 Ron Pauls couldn't change the runaway train crash.

  7. i knew 10 years ago
    all the illegal imagration you complain your a raceist.
    the 9/11 you complain your antiamerica
    all the house prices doubling
    your antiamerican if you complain
    anti capitolist anti black anti this anti that
    sold out america to china you complain your a terroist

    we are done they have destroyed usa
    and in the end all the cops feds and cia atf dhs
    have helped them destroy america
    and cut thier pensions and put thier kids into slavery

    thanks for helping destroy america

    know obama wants everyone to do thier fair share
    what a fukin joke.
    hows that change and fukin hope goin

  8. Wrong
    There was never even a minor chance that this would not pass! NEVER
    They have become so good, so adept; such good
    cheats, schemers, liars and hypocrites that to the naked eye; it seems as though they really are duking it out
    In reality; they are boinking each other in the same bed - nite after nite
    OUr bed that is!


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