Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Disastrous Yields Of Socialism

Sheriff Jim R. Schwiesow

They are the vermin that puke up political correctness, that choke off personal liberties, that strain for totalitarian governance, and that pave the way for your beheading at the hands of Islamic savages. Think that they haven’t been effective with their infernal agenda? Witness their achievements: They have enabled the election of a stateless Muslim president of dictatorial powers, they have assembled a socialistic congress that has terminated freedom of choice and hereditary rights, they have brought into being an activistic judiciary that enforces the current arbitrary laws of a police state over the constitutional laws of a former republic, and they have delivered the people unto a merciless shutzstaffel oriented bureaucracy. Kiss your fanny (and possibly your head) good-by – these cockroaches are now in complete control.

Whatever else is said about Obama one has to concede that he has set into motion the final solution to his own people, the Muslims. Now let me tell you how this poor excuse for a leader – this great new pooh-bah of the once leading nation of the western world - has set into motion the events that will lead to the final destruction of the cultural theology that he embraces. Soon after his election he busted his butt to make the rounds of the Islamic nations to let the leaders thereof know that he is one of them and that he shares their desire for a world-wide Islamic conquest. Quit moaning, you know that it is the truth! He was so obvious about it that it was sickening; so enamored was he by the presence of his Islamic peers that he bowed and scraped, and kissed their hands, rings, and behinds all in that order. Dear reader time is up for this nation, and for this world. We are well past a point of return and have been appointed to God’s wrath.


  1. hereditary rights : you are obviously referring to those of the original americans, you know : "the only good injun is the dead injun" kind. Pocahontas's and Hiawathas children, Geronimo and Cochise et al. And...for good measure you can add the sons of those for whom Abe Lincoln waged that Civil War, you know : the "niggers" and then their foreign cousins "the sand niggers", supposed to have those evil WMD...the type that were dropped by you know who at Hiroshima and Nagasaki...for the one and only time to date...So pot and kettle.
    When you sow the wind you reap the whirlwind.

    No Muslims ever killed like that...

  2. muslims, self made christians, whites blacks reds yellows...mankind. what was said when they'd ask Jesus something starting with "good teacher", He, seeing they thought Him just a man therefore would say-why do you call me good, there is none good, no not one. was He trying to say that no men in and of themselves are good? i think so. all tribes and colors have murdered in many various way's under many various reasons given. I suppose abraham had it right when he considered himself a stranger and foreigner in his own lands, not looking for a kingdom made by the hands of men but made by God. many self christians, muslims, and all tribes and colors strive to make their kingdoms now and by force, has always been so and will be until the end, and there is an end huh.

    how is it that some whites lived in indian area's without conflict, christians in muslim country's, europeans in africa, not all lived as enemies. perhaps it's an individual. in the coming time it's not muslims cutting off heads for being western, it's the system and all those in agreement with it, stripes and colors, tribes and nations, cutting off heads of those who refuse to worship the beast antichrist and join the new system. beheadings have been done by different nations, religions, gangs-as now down southern border, in history so it's not muslim centric, it's evil men, always has been.

    what kind of horrible things must happen that killing dissenters would be approved? what were past many cases things weren't horrendous, just evil had come to rule and enacted it so, dissenters wouldn't end the world but as truth speakers sometimes were a threat to established powers, the people through fear and believing lie's and thinking there was personal gains in it went along with it, other cases it was bad times. either way there's long history of such occurrences, coming time the worst of all tribulations.

  3. This article has to be one of the worst articles I've ever read on this site. I'm seeing more and more of this racist crap that adds nothing to the discussion of the problems the world faces.

    The more I see, the less likely I will come here to get information. I thought this site was for fair and impartial information, not racist dogshit from backward hicks.

    Not to mention, the U.S. is a facist state not a socialist one. I wish dumb North Americans could get the definitions down pat.


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