Saturday, September 3, 2011

Economic Disaster

Robert McRoberts

Yep, we are ruining the earth. We have destroyed everything in our path. Why are we teaching kids to recycle but not doing it ourselves? We ship our garbage to Washington and they sort it out and ship it to China so they can build garbage to send back. We have shut down all things that have created jobs because some spoiled people thought it was ugly. We are fed so much bull! on how we are ruining the world. Why do we have any fish left in our streams if a gold mine is bad? Did the gold rush 120 years ago not turn over every rock in every stream and silt up every river from California to way past the Yukon? But yet we still had record runs up until the last few years of all these regulatory restriction. Why are there still fish in the streams the loggers of the 50's and 60's destroyed? Why is logging so bad -- our forest are so thick we can not walk through them. Mud slides happen were loggers have never logged.

Why are we not training more workers in school to move up and lead our community? Sorry, but our fire chiefs should be locals. Our police chiefs the same - sure we may have to train them. Most of our city engineers are not even from here. Maybe we have sold are souls or we just don't think. We give no hope for the children in our community. Our teachers are not even from here. It seems as if we are just stupid, well I know we're not. We just sit back and hope it will get better. No one wants to be the one to speak up and stand out. Well that's just how I feel, and I'm speaking up.


  1. huh? over 90% of the original forrests of this country are gone... same for the edible life in the surrounding oceans... and if you want to know what happened to the schools it wasn't the 'teachers per say' it was the schizophrenic training they are getting from the universities and there are clear leaders in that training... otherwise I agree local is good...

  2. Well, notice how things have changed. The focus used to be on actual pollution (things that are demonstrably toxic like lead, cadmium, mercury, plychlorinated biphenyls, etc.) I fully support limiting these things, as they do nasty things to our bods (and I happen to like my body in a healthy, strong state). Certain things were always hysteria, but the overall balance was decent.

    Enter the Church of Global Warming

    The change from reducing pollution to reducing CARBON DIOXIDE (NOT a pollutant, in fact a building block of life) was subtle, and at the same time seemed like it happened overnight. This quickly became a religion, supported by the sham "science" (if it were science, no one would be saying it was "settled." Science can never be settled). It then transitioned into a full-blown inquisition, with some of the more fanatical supporters actually calling for the DEATH of "DENIERS."


    Headed by Cardinal Rich-loon (Gore), this Inquisition looked like it was about to steamroll over everyone, until the GINORMOUS fraud was revealed by some very brave computer nerds. Thus, the NWO plan to TAX us for BREATHING was dealt a nearly mortal blow (though not a killing blow unfortunately). The religious fanatics have crept back to their darkened NGO/Thinktank Cathedrals to plan their triumphant return with a whole new, repackaged slew of BS propaganda.

    Rest assured, this is a key plank in their plans, as they can then regulate all aspects of life with no limitations at all.

    If the goal was reducing pollution, funds need to be spent on REAL alternatives to "polluting" power sources. Wind and Solar would not even replace a fraction of the current requirements if nuclear, coal, and natural gas were outlawed. If nuclear is so horrible, how come the Owners have locked up 95% of the world's uranium supplies? Hmmmmm....

    Things to consider:

    Fusion (hot or cold): no pollution, virtually limitless fuel.

    ECAT: We will see if it is real or not this October in Greece.

    Thorium reactors: (more efficient, no weapons potential).

    Fast Breeder Reactors: Killed by the Idiot Child Jimmuh Carter, this process was the holy grail of nuclear power. By passing fuel back and forth between standard plants and breeder plants, ALL the radiation can be burned out of the fuel, thus negating the long-term storage of so-called "spent" (actually only 5% spent) fuel. This fuel is now sitting in cooling pools all over the country, a MASSIVE disaster waiting to happen (if the power is out for more than 3 days, the pools boil off, and the fuel goes critical).

    Plasma Gassification Reactors: Turns ordinary garbage into clean energy and natural gas. Only waste product is vitrified substrate (glass) that can be used as a paving material. Not to be confused with incinerators, which utterly suck for efficiency.

    Do the research.

    And yes, local is GREAT!


    Winston Shrout

    HJR 192

    Doug Riddle A4V

  3. 11:28
    It is also "information tidbit soundbites " like yours that lead many down the wrong path --

    Logging is bad, very very bad ! don't cut down that virgin forest!

    Trees and forests are a crop man - they need to be harvested or face mother natures harvesting - wout of control wildfires. insect plauges; bacteria blights etc.

    With the exception of the giants of the redwood forests- most tree's have a life cycle of between 75 - 250 years - so yes - 90% of the "original" forests would be long long gone.

    Today in the east - we have 30% MORE sawtimber growing than we did 125 years ago _ It;s a fact anybody with a computer can research in 10 minutes

  4. nothing .and no "liberals" should stand in the way of americas right to a strong dollar bringing in all that "cheap oil" big macs and macmansions with food stamps for the unemployed and unlucky in a failed capitalism .

    Its a fredom fries lifestyle question,the unsustainable recource plunder should not be confined to the wars for plunder in the third world or in countries like libya when a quick buck can be made at home too.

    China should not be permitted to monopolize the polution and destruction of its own environment for the advantage of its current generation instead of benifiting old american baby boomers.


    Something has to be done NOW when american captains of industry are busy exporting industrial jobs and poluting industries for a profit ,before it is to late .

    Right now ,probably americas biggest export is own the waste cardboard used and recycled
    for packing commodity imports from the third world ,it would be more profitable to export more trees and the USAs own soil itself.
    Think of the jobs!


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