Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Goldman Sachs Says That the Economic Collapse Is Coming

Jeff Taylor

In a private 54 page report Goldman Sachs is telling its top clients to bet on a massive financial collapse. The report, which was written by Goldman Strategist Alan Brazil and not meant for the eyes of the public, fell into the hands of the Wall Street Journal at the end of last week. From the report that the select got on August 16th it is obvious that GS thinks that a huge economic crash is coming, but they do have some nice juicy ideas on how a profit can be turned from it. This sort of thing has been written about in the past by bloggers, which has always been dismissed as pure conspiratorial fantasy. But this report was written by a top GS analyst.

On top of that the European debt crisis is just going to get worse, says the report, and there is also a whole raft of European financial institutions that are about to go pop. But are GS alone in thinking that a massive collapse is coming? One would suppose not as all the other financial institutions and government treasuries across the world are all reading just about the same data.

For the rest of us our jobs, houses and pensions are on the line as well as those of our children and grandchildren. But governments and banks don’t seem to be helping the little guy much do they?


  1. But Obama said the economy will not enter a depression just yesterday. The economy just needs jobs. That is why he is revealing plans to create jobs. So who is lying here?

  2. lmao! He's been revealing the same garbage over and over. Everything that comes out of that man's mouth is garbage. He is a fucking liar, he is lying. The groups behind him and everything he does are liars, good fucking liars.

    They're worse liars than the whigger boys you might have known in school. Everything they said, "I banged like 16 girls... yeah, I killed some gangsters with an AK-47... I took on a Navy Seal with my bare hands... I can bench press about 320 pounds maybe."

    Yes, that group of idiots... Obama and those controling him are worse. And I can't hear anybody say how brilliant these people are orchestrating this. Yeah, as if they are extraterrestrial robots incapable of error.

    They (both right and left) are slightly clever miscreants who have benefited by the growing stupors (drugs, TV, porn, obesity) in modern society they can get away with all the crap they do while only a minority of people have any clue as to what is taking place.

    The only way they could be properly overthrown is if the majority of people were to suddenly condition themselves to be free thinking individuals. They are not. The majority of people fear everyone else and what they think, have a lack of confidence in their own self, and have very little education or brain power to penetrate the scams permeating every fabric of American culture.

  3. That fucking Bush started all of this !

    Long live the annointed one OBAMA !

  4. The end is near. Collapse commeth.

  5. Yup, horrible suffering ahead. 2012 will be like hell.

  6. Im a wigger and I take offense to that comment, 5:20. Maybe you need to smoke some 420 and sit down. The power of my karate chop is unparalleled. I broke 3 boards in class the other day and will soon get my purple belt. Goldman Sax is going down.

  7. 4:53 Are you serious? You can bet that ANY politician that is talking is also lying at the same time. Left or Right...it doesn't matter. They ALL have ruined this country TOGETHER as a team. Who do you think runs this country? American? Come on, really! Its the corporations and international banking cartels. I refuse to let my kids belive in this lie called The American Dream.


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