Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day 2011: What Are We Celebrating? The Lack Of Jobs In America?

The Economic Collapse

If you still have a good job, you certainly have something to celebrate on Labor Day 2011. So far you have survived the decline of the U.S. economy. But your day may be coming soon. This weekend, there will be millions of Americans that will not be doing any celebrating. They are not enjoying a break from their jobs because they don't have any jobs. In fact, it seems kind of heartless for the rest of us to be celebrating while so many of our countrymen are destitute. What are we celebrating on Labor Day 2011? The lack of jobs in America? At this point, the U.S. economy closely resembles a gigantic game of musical chairs. Every time the music stops, even more good jobs are pulled out of the game and even more workers are added. Once upon a time, if you really wanted a job in America you could get one.

In fact, everything that Obama actually does "for the economy" only seems to make things worse. As I have outlined before, we know exactly why our economy is losing jobs and we know things that we could start doing right now to reverse the long-term trends that are absolutely killing us. But Barack Obama is not talking about real solutions and neither are the establishment Republican candidates. So things are going to continue to get worse. The number of Americans on food stamps has increased 74% since 2007. Every month we have been setting a new record. The middle class is going to continue to disappear as the number of good jobs continues to decrease. So, no, there are not too many reasons to celebrate on Labor Day 2011. Our economy is dying and millions upon millions of our fellow citizens are deeply suffering. Urgent action is required in order to prevent our situation from rapidly getting worse, but right now the vast majority of our politicians are asleep at the switch. So instead of celebrating this Labor Day, why don't you say a prayer for America instead? We really could use it.

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  1. Say a prayer?

    Nah; don't do that !

    All those fuzzy think progressive neanderthites
    will be pounding the shit out of the fairy in the sky routine

    Again and Again and Again

    Until that is; until it's THEIR turn to hurt !

    Where do THEY ALL turn ?

    Yeah; that';s right

    PRAYER and GOD !


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