Friday, September 2, 2011

Goverment Jams Protest Organizers: “Do You Have a Fundamental Right to Cell Phone Service?”

Mac Slavo

As was suggested in Signs of Coming Riots, there are a variety of trends developing throughout the United States that indicate mid-east, Greek and London style riots are coming to the streets of America.
The question is, how far should cops go to thwart social network and cell phone organization of protests? A planned protest at the Bay Area Rapid Transit Service’s Civic Center station over the shooting of a man last month failed to materialize during Thursday afternoon’s commute. As an added precaution, the agency shut off cell phone service on the station’s platform. While Alkire said the tactic was an unusual measure, he said it was “a great tool to utilize for this specific purpose” given that the agency was expecting a potentially volatile situation. Is jamming cell phone signals a viable, constitutionally-protected option for police, or do such actions by police and governments fall within the same realm as Iran’s response to quelling organized protests by shutting off access to Facebook and Twitter? Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said: The United States believes passionately and strongly in the basic principle of free expression.” “We promote the right of free expression.”

Are we to believe that during the soapbox speeches and writings of our Framers and the other Patriots of that time there was no misinformation, no calls to violence? When revolution broke out in the colonies, did things not “get out of hand?” The technology for delivery of the message has changed, but the messengers have not. Certainly, protests may turn to riots. There may be violence. People on both sides may get hurt. This is the nature of such things. But, the right to assemble in protest is fundamental – whether it is done by a cell phone text message, a tweet or by the voice coming from your mouth. This right itself is absolutely essential to the survival of our nation, regardless of the outcomes of the assemblies themselves.


  1. Riots are coming as In the words of Jagger,
    So what can a poor boy do?
    Street fighting Man

  2. was at a event. this is what i feared most. A group of young people speakin there minds - a thousan people in the streets - a man with a sign over there - tellin me. i betta beware... its a song of the 60s. here we are now. The time has come - it is time for us all to decide who we are, les mis is my inspiration. I am inspired to great things at this time folks. it is time all men dig trenches. the federal forces will run the line down. the front row will be of booby traps, booby traps to blow up tanks. if we can steal helicoppers from hospitals we may put guns up on air. air patrol is rare inside nation. we can take enough coppers to fight infantry from high above the trench line. this is it people get ready folks bad stuff coming are way.

    - Sam

  3. The government is a pox upon our lives.

  4. Jamming cell phone service is against FCC regulations and is also interference with a paid service. Liability would be easy to prove.

  5. I cannot understand what all this flap about phones is about. After 3 and 1/2 decades (35 years) working on the railroad and constantly being assaulted by racket and noise generated from them (sometimes we would have 3 separate radios all working on separate channels at once in the locomotive cab).The first move I made when I retired was to rip all my phones out at home and believe me, what a relief that was! It`s no wonder people are going nuts-try a little peace and quiet for a change-you`d be amazed!

  6. 10>49
    A Fucking Men brother !!!!!

    Ya wanna know what's really wrong with worls today? Stupid fucking shit like this

    Who the fuck cares people! Blabbin' on a da damn fucking phone all fucking dfay about useless garbage that don't mean nuthin' to nobody

    Don't have a phone and dpn't have a TV - you can do alll ypou need to do and find out alll you desire for a 10 dollar a month dialup charge for a computer

    Whivh brings me too another point about these people always bitchung about no jobs and the ones that are available don't pay 100K a year.

    I live in the N.E. and we have so many apples right now they are rotting in the fields as they drop = so many the deer and rabbits can't even keep them cleaned up ( and with the whitetail population we have; that's saying something. Their are so many deer that I can get tags to shoot 5 deer this year.

    If you WANT to work; their are jobs; qnd if you WANT to put forth alittle effort you can feed a
    family for practically nothing. people are just dumbed down city dwellers who have no choice but to pay 2 grand a month rent and 4 bucks for 3 apples and 7 bucks a pound for hormone laden steak

    and there to damn dumb to get the fuck out so all there is left is too bitch about it. Same in
    London - those city dwellers are too stupid to sell what they can; get a grubstake move 100 miles - buy an acre or so in the country
    get a job ( oh boy; you may have to run a shovel for 8 bucks an hour ! heaven forbid;' ain't that just for blacks and mexicans!!!)

    We have become a nation of lazy entitlement
    zombies; incapable of shaping our own, individula destinies; opting instead to be couped up like cattle until we overgraze our
    feedlot; fight with our neighbors that are stacked up like cordwood against us and become totally dependant upon ludacris shit like cell
    phones, digital tv. garbage pick up, the whole
    damn power grid heat A.C. cable. phones and then there;s the whole car thing and day care thing

    Shit - I could go on for hours - point is - we need to simplify our lives; after all how difficult does it need to be? Seriously !

    And the really sad thing is most of us in this country have the power TODAY to make the changes


    It's work - therein lies the rub

  7. 1:33, can you go back to 6th grade to brush up on your grammar?


    You retard.

  8. 1:33, supose now your going to tell us how cheap rent or housing is in the Northeast?

  9. 12:05 - Here just south of Tonawanda, N.Y. you can rent a nice apartment for 400 bucks a month
    no pets, no smoking 2 bedroom plus utilities -
    free water.

    What the poster says about the apple crop is true as the tree's are breaking under the weight
    also, plums, pears and chestnut trees are just loaded.

    My brother cuts firewood for a living ( he has a
    hydraulic firewood processor) he sells a face cord of firewood for $150.00 loaded in your truck.

    He has all the business he wants & most is cash on the barrel head. I'd also say that most city folk are totally dependant on a slew of others
    in order to get from day to day. Just a little matter of snow removal here in a couple months
    becomes a big, big deal for those hundreds of thousands who dwell in the 'burgs as they scurry about like little mice trying desperatly

    To get to the office

  10. 7:54 AM; of course you can get rent at $400.00 where your talking.
    but you wont be near the major citie hubs and NYC where you make 35-40 an hour,
    but then again, the rent here is triple what your paying.
    so it's a losing fight, live cheap make low wage, or live expensive make high wage, its all relative.

  11. 12:05 and 7:45...or you can be like me and take early retirement at 55 and make about 1/2 of what you earned when you worked. As I mentioned above, I worked for 35 years and at 63 I now have 2 pensions and am barely scraping by. If we make 65, I should get old age pension (about 500 bucks) on top of the other 2. Remember, except for a bit of a tax break, you get 0 $$ breaks-that`s it. So my suggestion is unless you have a shitload of $$s salted away; keep scurrying to the office with the rest of the mice till 70 and beyond. Celente was correct when he alluded to qualifying for pension after you die!

  12. 11:16
    12:05 and 7:45...or you can be like me and take early retirement at 55 and make about 1/2 of what you earned when you worked.

    The stress of making it till your 65 will kill you, all that worry, pondering, brings about chemical changes in the body that triggers the cells to start rapidly dieing off.
    If it's not worry that's bothering you then the lack of structure in your life, such as (getting up going to work coming home), will also speed up rapid decline.
    The key to extended life is to Keep your self BUSY, find a purpose after retirement,
    no amount of good food or exercise will stop death.
    I have seen many good honest people like yourself retire, only to find their bodies riddled with disease or stroke.

  13. 5:34 I think, that's called balance. That particular trait is very, very elusive in the city type structure because within' said structure; unless you get real, real lucky, real, real early in life; you cannot escape the ratrace - it's just too damn expensive.

    That's where I think the person who has lived the duel life has a very distinct edge in todays society. You know the farmboy who went to NYC , becane a big time lawyer; used the system for all it was worth for 20 years

    And then got the hell out. Now he/she has all that farmboy knowledge ( that never really leaves you) has all those people skills ( that you WILL need no matter where you live) and he/she has an firm understand of not only how to amke money, but how to make it work for you.

    This thing we call life has gotten very, very complex in the last 75 years - it takes a ton of planningfrom a very early stage but I see more and more people doing this type of thing but as I said you gotta be able to walk awayand start over - not an easy thing to do; but it sure is worth it. A 750k nest egg will get you 5 maybe 6 years in NYC. It will get you a lifetime in the Adirondacks with a little side business building lobster traps!

  14. 8:27 I sincerely hope you are the person who escaped and is building his lobster traps.
    Good luck


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