Saturday, September 3, 2011

American Apocalypse

Martin D. Weiss

The U.S. stock market is now as vulnerable as a toy balloon in a room full of RAZOR BLADES! Now, you certainly don’t need a Ph.D. in economics to figure out what all this means for the U.S. stock market: With Washington’s $14 trillion debt and $1.7 trillion deficit on the verge of imploding ... With states like California, Illinois, New Jersey and New York nearly in financial ruin ... With the entire housing and construction industry locked in the savage jaws of a killer real estate depression ...With more than 2,000 banks vulnerable to this crisis ... With the U.S. Federal Reserve flooding the world with newly created dollars…..

Mark my words: This may be the only warning you get. When the first domino falls, it will be TOO LATE to protect your wealth. And that first domino could fall, quite literally, at any moment. Nobody knows for sure which straw will break the camel’s back. It could be another explosive revolution in the Middle East. It could be the sudden default of a major state or city. It could be the announcement that the dollar has been replaced as the world’s reserve currency. But there is one thing you CAN be sure of: Those who fail to shore up their defenses now could suddenly find themselves much poorer soon.

The first massive debt crisis is the massive implosion of FEDERAL debt that’s now threatening to erode or even destroy your retirement, your Social Security, your healthcare and more: Our national debt is now over $14 TRILLION. Our annual deficits are running over $1 trillion — year after year and those deficits are growing quickly. The White House recently admitted that the deficit for 2011 will break all previous records: That’s right: The 2011 budget deficit will be $1.7 TRILLION! And so the bottom line is: We’re not Greece. But we could end with their same problems!” That’s critical: Greece’s problems included crashing stock and bond prices, 18% interest rates, and riots in the streets! How soon could it happen here? Walker points to 2012! This great debt crisis is about to change YOUR life!


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  2. Yeah, and this writer is about as unstable as nitroglycerin in a baby rattle, along with the rest of the GOP.

  3. hey anonymous 1200
    that was an ignorant comment from an obviously ignorant moron. how's that obama hope and change workin out for you, fool?


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