Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hopeless Obama

Steven Cohen

President Barack Obama is the brightest guy to be president since John F. Kennedy. He's well-educated and has the ability to inspire, but his presidency has slipped into the gray mists of fog, confusion, and drift. The stimulus probably averted economic disaster, but was too small to really jump-start the economy. The budget deal and the debt limit debacle could not have been played much worse. In recent days the White House staff couldn't even manage to schedule a jobs speech without messing up, and no one believes the president has the political capital needed to get a jobs program through Congress anyway. The economic crisis has become a crisis of confidence, made worse by a president whose every move seems governed by political calculation about the 2012 vote.

Killing the air rule was pure politics. But it was bad politics. I guess his political consultants hope that President Obama can neutralize his opposition by moving in their direction. The only problem is that instead of looking moderate, the president looks unprincipled. I may have no place better to bring my vote, but I have lost most of my motivation to support the president. the President managed to abandon his principles and disappoint his allies in the business and environmental community. I have a difficult time seeing the political benefit in adopting the position of people who will never support you. The moment the president discarded EPA's carefully reasoned, scientifically sound air pollution regulations was the moment I abandoned hope. My guess is that I was not the only one to head toward the door.


  1. Is he bright? Was JFK bright? He nearly got us in a nuclear war wioth Russia over mistakes he made in Cuba. He got us in a stupid land war in Vietnam.
    Is Obama bright? What were his grades? No one knows. In fact no fellow student can be found that remembers Obama in any of his classes. Did Obama really attend the schools he graduated from? Why does he have the SS # of a dead man from Connecticut? Obama is more like a ghost then any other person in the world. Evedn the address given on his supposed Hawaii birth certificate is wrong. Where did he come from and where has he been? When he traveled to Afghanistan as a college student did he have a U.S. passport. U.S. citizens were not allowed to make this trip but citizens of Indonesia would have been able to make that trip. Who is Obama?

  2. Being,I assume Jewish, I can't believe he hasn't headed for the door sooner! Still, he'll probably vote for Obama. Cohen is about as bright as Obama!

  3. Except for a few grammar errors, you make some very valid points 12:48! But, because of government psy/ops, your average American is oblivious to them!

  4. 12:48 does not make any credible point.

    Besides making really sketchy, slanderous rants about the idiot president's past being made up, as if it is relevant, his post is filled with grammatical errors and fallacies.

    JFK did not start Vietnam, Eisenhower was the president while it began. But even that was not Eisenhower's idea, it was planned further back in time. For the record I could care less for Kennedy.

    Second, how on earth would anyone interview all the students of a university, which can have 50,000 enrolled students in a several year period, to reveal nobody knew him?

    So interestingly you're trying to pull crap statements about how the president did not actually go to school here, and that's the reason for him being stupid? But if he really did go to Harvard, or Yale, any of those gold spoon schools, it would be okay and he'd be smarter?

    I don't think so. Many politicians went to those schools, see the results? Many dumb freaks go in and come out of there.

  5. 2:54pm He does have a point...What were his grades? What are some of his articles as editor of the school newspaper to show his position on things? Why can't we find either students from his classes or classmates from when he went to school?

    The whole Birth Certificate thing is a dead issue but I do see so MANY quirks that make you go WTF?

    All we have from his childhood is photos of him smoking pot, going to islamic schools and traveling to odd places in ways most Americans would NOT have been allowed or been put under scrutiny for.

    The guy is a puppet and a ghost...He is a Manchurian Candidate as far as I'm concern...All show but still doing what the last douchebag got us into.

    All you have to do is look at what he said his policies would be and what his actions are...He's either evil or a total liar...Pick one.

  6. 12:48 - you ignorant slut. JFK was the last real president this country had. The elite, who fully controlled the Kremlin through all that constant crap at JFK so he would be too busy and overwhelmed to make any real changes for the people.

    He was the last REALLY elected, not SELECTED, President.

    Then he was shot. Why? Because he just had repealed the Federal Reserve Act.

    Within 45 minutes of JFK's death, LBJ restored the Fed's power. LBJ was the first in a long line of completely controlled stage puppets that we now call US Presidents.

  7. I wonder when people will realize that Harvard,
    Princeton and Yale DO NOT make people "smart".

    What good does a PHD do you when your tire blows out in the middle of nowhere and you
    not only have no cell service; you have no clue
    if you even have a spare tire; let alone where it is in the vehicle or how to actually install
    said spare tire.

    There are "all kinds of smart" - the kind we need running this country is the kind that knows how to put a spare tire on a car.

    Not the kind that is just sure thru some miracle because he is who he is ------ that
    the 2nd bar is going to appear on his cell so he can call somebody who is smart !

  8. it is not allowed or considered patriotic
    to "out" the cia or their created academic records or past involvement in cointelpro type community operations in chigagoland .

    He is after all an american hero and Nobel peace prize winner.
    He assasinated Bin ladin didn"t he?

    Ask no questions and you will be told no lies


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