Thursday, September 15, 2011

Maxine Waters is Right: Obama’s Jobs Plan Stinks

Joe Miller

Of California’s 12.1 percent unemployed, not many of them are teachers. Teachers here, thanks to their powerful public employee union, are doing pretty good, pulling down well above average wages and excessive pension rights that taxpayers really cannot afford, which contribute mightily to our state government’s perpetual debt crisis, itself a huge drag on the economy in general. Yet of the unemployed in California, almost 35% are young people in the recent high school graduate age category who are without work. Of those, about half of young black males are unemployed in California – three years into Barrack Obama’s presidency. Over 21% of black Californians in general are unemployed. Where is their hope in Obama’s plan for a job? Well, they have very little hope under Obama.

Reaction on Capitol Hill to Obama’s new jobs plan has been to see it for what it is: just more politics. Obama is simply pandering to his public employee union supporters and giving himself an excuse on his dismal jobs performance when the Republican House of Representatives ultimately decides most of the plan is worthless. Regardless, even people who should be Obama’s core supporters, like California’s Maxine Walters, can see that his economic policies are not “creating jobs”. And the deeper analysis is that Obama’s policies are destroying wealth, and without wealth, there can be no money in the private sector to hire anybody, let alone youth unemployed.


  1. The reason it stinks is because more than half of it contains Republican ideas. Maybe he's trying to see if the Repubs would vote for their own plans and, if they don't, he can take them to task. In any case, we'd be better off if he just sent the average American some cold hard cash to pay their bills.

  2. what the fuck do you think this assholes been doin' for over 2 1/2 years? takin' from me and givin' to you!

  3. the bitch maxine waters has been in congress forever

    what has she done??? Nothing
    californai is the leader in job leaving the state
    the system is broken

    bye bye Taxifornia


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