Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What Awaits Young Americans

George Scaggs

It is becoming increasingly difficult to figure out what America's younger generation is thinking. Perhaps they are too distracted by the fast-paced blur of modern existence to notice that the freedom and prosperity Americans have enjoyed for generations is quickly evaporating, and that such qualities are not merely arbitrary characteristics of the national landscape guaranteed for time eternal. Given what our education system has been teaching (or not teaching) for the last several decades, perhaps they do not understand that freedom and prosperity are inextricably intertwined. Maybe they genuinely believe that government exists to provide for them and that government's ability to do so could never possibly be threatened.

On the heels of decades of unprecedented prosperity, many among older generations could not foresee the calamity ahead. They merely presumed that what once was would always be. In the process, they pampered the younger generation, largely insulating them from the cruel realities of human existence. Ah, but reality beckons. Soon, its uncomfortable consequences will be in full bloom. If twenty-somethings ever figure out what government has set them up for, the counter-culture unrest of the 1960s may look a picnic.

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  1. Mass suicides among the party crowd, druggies, boozers, myspace and cell phone addicts.

    The sober minded youth should cope. We're not going to see American innovation if that's what patriots are expecting. There is no come back, the USA is done. The pain has not even started yet. Poor, rich, unemployed... we're all in the same boat.

    However, the thinkers of the 'sober' youth group may be able to organize temporary municipalities after the shit house goes up in smoke. All useful people (again, excluding the majority of Americans being addicts and idiots) will have a role. Whatever skills or talents those in each community have will be useful for something.

    It might take a couple decades, if not a century, before the communities of America become cities again. Each major region could divide into two - one section for the criminal types; sluts, rapists, drug users, etc., and the other for bonded families and intellectuals.

    I'm glad to not be in a city or a farm. Small town neighborhoods will do the best generally where everyone grew up with and knows each other. Neighborhoods like this will be the place where people will have the opportunity to be in accordance to help each other from the beginning.

    Cities or trashy locations will not. All it takes is one meth addict to shoot someone and all hell could break loose. If gangs started forming up based on skin color this is also a recipe for disaster. Teenagers as well, largely without any parents, will have nothing to lose.

    A farm is dangerous to be on for the obvious reason - you're a target. Even if you have a number of people with you who have guns, it does not take long for a hundred or so people to swarm over you.


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