Thursday, September 1, 2011

What Liberals Fear More Than Obama Losing

Geoffrey P. Hunt

The left are now wringing their hands fearing their agenda is overripe, blaming everyone else for their own spoiled pickling. While Obama's sinking prospects for re-election are disquieting, the real source of liberals' despair is their sudden, unexpected realization that the progressive agenda is dead in its tracks and will likely be in full retreat after 2012. Obama is finished, but the demise of their identity politician is neither the main event nor surprising. He was a lame duck after he returned from Copenhagen empty handed in September 2009, expecting the mere presence of his electro-magnetic glow would secure the 2016 summer Olympics for Chicago.

Today's black unemployment rate ranges from 20-40% depending on who's counting and where. What have the trillions devoted to our welfare state achieved for them? More illiteracy, more broken single parent families, more crime, more dependency, more rage. And now, we're bankrupt. What next? What next is not more of the same. The welfare, entitlement and central planning state is a perpetual resource sink paying no dividends. Flush Obama and turn out the lights on the Progressive Century. The party is over.


  1. We can "flush" Obama, but I'm afraid that we'll just sweep in another clown in the Oval Office. Why blame the Democratic constituency for Obama's poor performance? I can certainly agree that Main Street deserves a better choice than Obama, but there is an acute shortage of qualified presidential candidates these days.

  2. All puppets; useless drones bought and paid for; fake political system.

    In a corporation like the USA it is the board of directors, hidden away that make decisions. The president is just a figurehead.

    The elite putting B.O. in office when they did was sheer brilliance though.

  3. Mr. Hunt is obviously a millionaire - 'Unshackle business!', 'Government is to blame for all of our problems!.' I love these millionaires. Simple observation - When Bush was president the debt zoomed to the moon; yet rarely did we get commentary like this from the millionaire/brilliantaires at the various think tanks. I like Obama less than Bush and I sure didn't like him. Nowhere in the millionaire's essay did he mention corporate welfare. If Americans took a few moments to investigate welfare figures they'd understand that those plotting, deceptive, single black mothers, no, I retract that - it has nothing to do with color anymore - everyone's biting it these days except, of course, those millionaires holding forth at the 'think' tanks. If anyone has noticed, the very wealthy have declared war on the rest of us and they're winning. He also conveniently forgot to mention how Wall St. and the banksters ran their derivative schemes on us to the tune of about 12 trillion in impoverishment - for us. Not them. Us. During Bush 2's reign, there seemed to be a food recall every week, among other things like Wall Street scamming everyone including their mothers. Hmmm. Bush and his crew had totally decimated the FDA and the result? Oh, those caring corporate capitalists, they didn't mean to forget to inspect our food. We forgot! We're sorry! I don't even want to talk about the SEC. But Obama has gallantly picked up the gauntlet and is carrying on the Republican tradition very successfully I believe. How dare the writer claim Obama hasn't accomplished anything. He's carried through the Republican corporate agenda very efficiently. It's simple really. We are where we are because government wasn't allowed to do it work. Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush 1, Reagan - they've all limited the power of government and check out the result. See you in the soup line.

  4. Don't bet your life on it. Never under estimate the ability of the right to screw up. If you buy into the theory that McCain is a conservative then you understand how badly conservatives can screw up. When conservatives controled congress after the 2000 election did they clean up the mess or did they divvy up the spoils amongst themselves (their states). Many of the politicians on the right are as stupid or stupider then those on the left. Obama may well be the worst president ever but with our current crop of conservative candidates he might just get reelected.

  5. I was in the Central District of Seattle teaching and I asked a group of tough black girls 'DC is 80% black, what would happen if we went into a depression with a white man in the white house?' The toughest girl knew straight up 'Why Miss we would burn down the white house again and start robbing everything in site.'

  6. Can we do better? I already read the American Thinker. Two days in a row now that you have had articles from them.

  7. That fucking Bush - he's to blame for all this

    That fucking Cheney - he's to blame for all this

    Too gadamn funny

    You fucking morons

    3 fucking years later - Rome is fucking on firew and you fucking idiots are blaming a 3 year prior administration

    What the fuck man - let go and fess up - this sonofabitch is a fucking born again muslim who could give a fuck

    In better economnic times this negro clusterfuck would have ass raped this entire country

    As it is - he's just raped it

    But boy- has he raped it good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. @10:19: nice rant...NOT!

    And for the record, he's as much white as he's negro.

  9. Unfortunately the Leading Republican candidates are closet Democrats. Perry was a former Democrat that switched parties in 1989. Romney is from Massachusetts and is pretty much a limousine liberal having supported the Massachusetts health care reform bill (precursor to Obamacare) and has not differed from his Democrat colleagues.

    None of the other republican candidates have a snowballs chance in Hell in getting elected. No president is going to be able to reverse course of problems that have been building up for the past 45 years. Unfortunately, the US is on a one way trip to collapse. Only when the country breaks up will things begin to improve for Americans.

  10. True 2:42.

    The problems (social, economic, political, and moral) have piled up for over a century. The moral and social decadence started with the hippies; drug use became the norm and as a result - the break down of the family unit.

    The political and economic motives were there for the elites to sexually pervert Americans. In doing this men would be taken away from their intellect, stupidity would spread, and women would become increasingly deranged.

    The pinnacle of all of that is in reality shows and such. The sole purpose in life now is how to stick your dick in a hole... amazing!

    Don't think for a second the sexual revolution was an intellectual innovation making a comeback or there to improve on things. All cultures that become sexually perverse die shortly after!

    Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Persians, Carthaginians, Babylonians, Assyrians, the Weimar Republic, USSR, Britian, America...

    India is the only civilization that has not experienced a destruction. All of their culture is intact, no other peoples can brag about that. 6,000 years they have kept alive all of their traditions, ideologies, customs, writings, art, and history.

    Ask yourself why the former list always perish and then have to rebuild themselves, and the same pattern plays out each time.

    Greed takes over the minds of men, this leads to a lack of discipline or concern for others. Thinkers use their minds to scheme against the unlearned.

    Sexual thrills, drugs, and cheap pleasures become the pursuit of people. Slavery is an ideal practice, the righteous are punished and the criminals are rewarded. Fools are given power and sages go into hiding.

    Music is degraded with licentiousness, the common people worship strange things. Leaders can't come to terms with each other on even the smallest of matters, and families who give their children love are rare examples.

    Those are all bad omens for a country to display.

    That was a vague paraphrase of a passage in Wen Tzu.

  11. I started reading this article and immediately asked myself, "who is this dumb fuck?" Of course it turns out to be from a right-wing paper. And I can see from the other equally dumb fucking comments that you still haven't figured out why this country is screwed and who is doing it.

    As bad as the Dems have become (inept wussies), they can't beat the Republicans when it comes to lying and stealing. If only you idiots would read a book by a respected investigative reporter, you might actually learn something. But you're too busy listening to Rush Limbaugh and the 24-hours-a-day of conservative talk radio.

    I am in PA where we've had no electricity and destroyed bridges and roads, and all I hear from conservative radio is how the hurricane coverage is a liberal plot to make Obama look good. America is so fucking stupid that we deserve everything the Republicans are doing to us. And I predict that if the Repubs control Congress and the White House, you will find out just how little they give a shit for this country.

  12. Good lord. Unemployable idiots like you deserve to shit on the sidewalk and live in boxes under bridges.

    The conservatives did this, the rightwing did that, blah blah blah. Fuck this, fuck that...

    I think some niggers better remember who has the money, the guns and the brains in this country or you will be fighting your fellow baboons for handouts just like they do in Africa.


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