Thursday, September 1, 2011

Barack Obama, Man of the People

Steve McCann

The portrait of Barack Obama's presidency is that of an egocentric -- not only incapable of leadership, but someone who views the office as a vehicle for the satisfaction of his delusion that the world not only owes him a living, but a sumptuous one. A trait common to many who espouse socialism, inclusive of dictators and Democrats, is an insatiable appetite for self-indulgence. While those on the conservative side of the political spectrum are often accused of hypocrisy when it comes to matters of sex and morality, those on the left are equally guilty, if not more so, in matters of money, paying taxes, and lifestyle.

The presidency of the United States to Mr. Obama is nothing more than a stage upon which he, in his convoluted sense of destiny, can act as head of state for the world. He is much too busy enjoying the trappings of royalty, despite his oft-declared disdain for that class, to be bothered about the dismal future of the United States. His future and political agenda are the only things that matter. The American people need to understand that when a politician stands before them, asking for their vote while extolling the virtues of massive central government, promising cradle to grave security, and claiming that he or she understands their pain and is on their side against the "evil" capitalists, their only real interest is themselves.


  1. "I am Jack's complete lack of surprise."

    Seriously, what did people expect? Here is someone that has no real-world experience doing ANYTHING. He has never had a JOB, period, full stop. And yet everyone expected miracles? He was elected dictator, and had no obligation to do anything but support the best interests of the highest paying Corporations, and do the bidding of the Owners that ensured his election.

    We DO live in a Democracy, but the dirty little secret that no one seems to grok is that the ones with the votes are Congress Assembled and the Corporate Judiciary. They have no obligation to the written Constitution- never have. That people assume they do is a lack of knowledge on the part of the populace. Until people wake up to the REAL world, take the Red Pill, and experience the heart-rending pain of realization, nothing will change.

    Let me say that again:


    ASK the hard questions about our reality. You can be dam* sure that if you learned it in School, it is BS. the more they pounded it in, the deeper the BS was, and lots of indoctrination was needed (things like math notwithstanding). History is nothing like what we think it is- that is, if you were not completely turned off by the mind-numbing deluge of names and dates. The owners do not want us to know history, for he who controls the past, controls the future.

    Obama was a perfect example of Harry Seldon's psychohistory gone awry (for all you Asimov fans). Take back your own mind- it is the greatest weapon you have.

  2. Umm... 12:01, they pounded academics into us!?

    No buddy, you really have that wrong. You must live in China. The reason schools are trash here is because they do not focus on academics, they focus on sports and proms.

    That's partly why Americans are so freaking stupid. Six hours a day kids sit at school going from several different classrooms. Out of those six hours the child maybe obtains 20 minutes of learning time (if that).

    If they did press us with mathematics, then why is it the average college freshman cannot do Algebra? The average 14 year old high schooler in Holland can do Calculus. Children move at their own pace. That means retards do not make it into Kindergarten. No grants for stupid drunks either.

    Yes, Americans have largely been ripped off by this socialized education system. Not only do they spend 13 years of their lives hardly advancing intellectually, but they also become conditioned to fear other people.

    Homeschooling can be a better solution. They won't end up as timid, violent, or in as much danger as they would if conditioned at public schools. Though, if the person teaching the child is stupid, then what good is it?

  3. Nononono, I should clarify. They did not pound academics into us. They pounded the PROPAGANDA they wanted us to "know" into us. How many times did they have an "assembly" on some stupid subject like AIDS or a field trip to the state capitol to see how Gov. "worked." These became things that we "knew" and we never questioned them. How many times did they talk about the Constitution as if it applied to us? How many boring history classes did they hit us with boring, mind-numbing names and dates, ensuring that we HATED history, wanted nothing more than to forget everything as soon as possible, and NEVER try to learn any on our own? THAT is what I mean. To fill our heads with bullshit, lies, and dis/mis-information. Nothing useful, nothing to spark CRITICAL THINKING (the anathema of a totalitarian society).

    What I meant with the math comment is that it is very difficult to put a spin on math. Since it is empirical, there is not much "massaging" (propagandizing) possible with math. By no means did I mean that they teach it. The practical sciences like math, Chem, Physics, etc. are practically pariahs in Gov. indoctrination schools. They don't want capable doers and innovators, they want semi-literate drooling and obedient sheep.

    Schools in the US serve two purposes:

    To keep anyone under 16 out of the workforce and

    To ensure a steady stream of workers Juuuust smart enough to run the machines without killing too many people.

    They are warehouses for the property of the State, just like prisons. They are for-profit corporations, just like prisons. The imprison the mind, in a way similar to how prisons confine the physical body.

    Homeschooling is great. Amazing really. But it depends, like you said, on the intelligence, knowledge, and experience of the person doing the teaching. Better option is to completely disband the Gov. Indoctrination system (we need to have separation of School and State), and go with completely privately run schools. Not the current "Private Schools," as they still must teach a mandated Gov. curriculum. I view the State having ANY hand in "education" as a very blatant conflict of interest.

  4. GWB was a perfect dufus/puppet and Obama is a great speaker/puppet.

    Neither has/had an authority to make any important decisions.

    Every Amerikan president in the last 50 years has been hand picked by the corporate elite and have been put into office by them.

    Your vote, your say, mean ***ZERO*** you are a SLAVE. Very simple. We just have the delusion that we live in a free country. Period.

  5. 1:00 - As Jordan Maxwell says, the government puts out the education that they WANT. They don't care about real education. They care about cultivating the sheeple, deluded mindset.

    An A+ student is just a great parrot, that is all.

    Thinking for yourself is discouraged; join the hive.

    Youtube - Carlin on Education, one of the best videos ever.

  6. 4:39
    George Carlin was my man and still is.

  7. Regarding Education, to Be honest, let them eat cake (ie TV, video games, sports, etc). With excessive debt, declining energy and natural resources, and over population, there is little chance of bright employment prospects even if American students where #1 in the world. In the grand scheme high skilled educations is likely to be meaningless. Even high skilled workers with years of experience are unable to find jobs.

    Better to let them enjoy the little time remaining of the good life before it disappears. I fear that the bulk of the young generations will suffer deep poverty or be forced to fight and die in some overseas foriegn land to bring resources back home.


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