Thursday, September 1, 2011

Desperation Trumps Stigma: What's Really Driving the Food Stamp-Ede?

Rakim Brooks

The number of food stamp recipients is likely to hit a new high of 46 million when the Department of Agriculture releases its latest report on the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) -- that's over 18 percent of American households. This should drive conservatives through the roof. Fox News and other right-wing pundits have already been bemoaning surging food stamp enrollment, claiming food stamps are "teaching people to be dependent." You can expect those moans to grow louder. But they, like many other commentators are missing the point. Growing dependency is not the issue here. It's growing desperation -- desperation great enough to overcome the deep reluctance among many Americans about using stigmatized safety net programs.

Historically, one common explanation for low food stamp participation rates is that many households only qualify for very modest monthly benefits -- which can be under $25 a month -- and don't think it's worth the stigma or hassle to apply. In hard times, though, every dollar counts. And so many have turned to food stamps. After years of swearing off government assistance, manifesting all the characteristics of sturdy self-reliance that the right-wing prizes, these families have finally fallen on times too hard to ignore. Yet, rather than praise them for their courage, conservatives are treating food stamp use as an irredeemable vice, all while they support tax breaks for the wealthy. Guess only low income families need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps.


  1. You need a residence to apply for food stamps too. Only one per househole is on them, so that does not say of the "46 million on food stamps" those altogether using them, it could be way larger.

    Homeless people can't be on food stamps, neither can those living in cars or storage facilities.

    I don't know how much of the population is living like that, but it certainly tells me those on food stamps are quite alright in comparison.

    How about the asshole right wing slave worker making 20K, with several jobs, and 100 hours a week complaining about those on food stamps? Yeah really?

    How about the dumb ass fucking asshole retards watching teleivions, their tv shows, fake ass scripted people in fake ass realities?

    I hate this fucking country, god damnm piece of shit. FUCK! God I've been asking for death for quite some time now, why does death keep evading me!?

    Sorry, I'm drunk. I'm fuming, I am a ticking tiem bomb.

  2. Got to Youtube and look up,, (swipe your EBT, its free).
    you will laugh your ass off.

  3. I like the myth that you have to have a home to get foodstamps, all homeless get them, they go to an office apply and get them with no home, you are an idiot.

  4. In the eyes of the elite we are all useless eaters.

  5. 12:26 PM
    said...In the eyes of the elite we are all useless eaters.

    Oh yeah the elite's and their families do talk like that.
    You have no idea how we are considered less then animals to them.

    It's time with "Off with their heads!"

  6. I wish the idea that conservatives hate the poor would vanish! I don't hate the poor, I am the poor. I don't hate the rich because I'd like to be rich. I don't find it wrong that people would find it useful to get free food because I have gone hungry. Oh, and 1:21 the red queen spoke those words, is that you?

  7. 5:58 AM says; How about the asshole right wing slave worker making 20K, with several jobs, and 100 hours a week complaining about those on food stamps? Yeah really?

    That about sums up your average American right winger who thinks he or she will be rich if they just keep working so hard...ah yeah!!! keep dreaming!

  8. The Snake asks
    Oh, and 1:21 the red queen spoke those words, is that you?
    Off with Their Heads is a punk rock band formed in 2002 from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Since their formation, they have often featured a rotating line-up of tour players, due to their members' other commitments and Off With Their Head's own full-time touring schedule. Singer/guitarist Ryan has noted that having different musicians helps keep the band fresh.

    But the red queen sounds like much more fun!

  9. Many Right Wing Workers Work At Places like Wall Mart With No Health Care Provided By The Company, Maybe A Useless 401K (Thats Nothing But A Little Savings Plan That Comes Out Of Your Check If You Can Afford To Do It On 9.00 per Hr.) But No Real Pension Like A defined Benefit Plan. If You Retire With A 401K Plan You better Die Soon After, Because If You Dont You Will Starve To Death When It Runs Out. Thats Right Man Up Suck It Up--After Working And Paying Into Social Security And Medi Care All Of Your Working Life, Let The republicans Take It Away From You, Be Tough You Can Do Without It,The republicans Need to Keep helping The Wealthy More and More. Youre An Individualist You Dont Need Any Help At All from The Government. Let The Wealthy Get All Of The help. In The Way Of Tax Exempt Welfare. believe Me They Wont Refuse It. But You Keep Supporting That Idea, After All Youre A Great American! Only thing Is, You Cant eat The Flag Or Your Bible. They Dont Taste Good and Are Not Good Nutrician.


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