Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Causes and Effects of Economic Recession

This definition can be scary, and rightly so. Almost every facet of our lives as consumers is affected by a recession. A major reason of recession was the low wages. So to avoid a repeat of the crisis is creating more jobs, but with higher wages. Increased production and labor costs are another factor driving inflation. As production costs rise, so do the prices that can further damage the purchasing power of money. Financial advisors say that the U.S. should be careful in future consumption. The economic cycle is based on several phases of positive and negative growth of GDP.More Here...


  1. Cause: The Fed scam
    Effect: Debt enslavement

    There. Much more concise.

  2. Cause: Government regulation/interference (Barney Frank and Chris Dodd)

    effect: A recession, unless government intervenes and borrows, taxes and prints money to give to special interests then the effect is a depression.

    Not what you want to hear but the facts.


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