Thursday, October 6, 2011

DIY: Get rid of the Recession

The key to surviving the coming economic depression is just preparation. You must prepare in advance if you really want you and your family to make it through what will be a really hard time. You should also consider stocking up on food. In the case of an economic depression there could be a serious food shortage. When it comes to surviving an economic depression, people automatically think of money, food and shelter. What we "feed" our minds with, has a equally beneficial or detrimental effect on our ability to attract abundance and to survive the coming recession (or worse). If you have been watching the news, I'm sure you've heard many stories about how high the national debt has been. More Here...


  1. I went to a bunch of sites selling survival pantry food and found I couldn't afford the prices. Nor do I have extra money to "invest" in stocks and bonds--which I wouldn't do anyway, since the stock market is a gambling casino.

    So I do what most other folks do, which is buy extras when something is on sale. I also try to buy coffee, sugar, etc., which are staples for any household. What we need is advice that the average person can use, the kind you find in old copies of The Tightwad Gazette.

  2. 11:49 store water. Free now. Worth a fortune later. It will be one of the most needed commodities. If you don't believe that take a look at collapse economies. Fresh water can be traded for food and much more.

  3. Im curious... I live in northern Canada and it couldn't be crazier as far as work in the oil and gas industry. The Dow and tax are ramping up as of yesterday and today is a boom. How sure are we that we are going to enter in to a depression or recession if there is all of this investment going on? I'm slightly confused on the European debt deal also. If Greece defaults they are claiming that they are now shoring up the banks so its not such a calamity. Don't get me wrong, I'm stocking food and provisions in that event. Can anyone offer some insight as to what is going on, what to look for and speculation. Maybe some more sources that aren't in the msm pockets. Thanks

  4. People get themselves in debt, not banks. Look in the mirror and grow up America.

  5. 4:40 PM--Greece is part of the European Union and all the countries that signed the Union pact agreed to certain terms as well as a common currency. But Greek politicians are notoriously corrupt and Greeks don't pay their taxes, so when the Greek banks got into trouble (like the rest of the world's banks), the Greek gov't (like the U.S. gov't) bailed out their banks and so took on their debts.

    However, Greece has no money, so they can't pay back the debt. (Psst... 10:21 AM, banks are in debt and in this case, a fucking entire country is in debt).

    Only Germany is in good enough shape to prop up Greece but the German people are balking at paying more taxes to save Greece, even though the pact they signed says they have to. If they don't, there will be a falling ripple effect throughout Europe that will reach the U.S. banks--and that's because our fraudulent banks sold them all those crazy mortgage-back securities.


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