Friday, October 21, 2011

Change is required in the Education System

Is the goal of our education system to prepare our children to go to work? Is our current system ABLE enough to achieve these goals? An argument can be made that our education system does not meet these objectives, and changes are required extensively.

Our education system has become obsolete and too expensive. When a child is in kindergarten, the learning process is to prepare them for college. In reality, only a small percentage of students attend college or university. But our system is to force all students to learn curriculum required for admission to college. We do this in an attempt to be fair so that students have equal opportunities. What this has really created is an unfair system that does not meet the needs of most of our students? More Here..


  1. All you need to know

  2. Education is propaganda. Life experience is education. Remember that!

  3. I'm sorry 5:04, but if that were true you would notice the lack of wisdom in older people.

    The school systems are crap in America. The Department of Education is the main cause of that. All students are expected to advance together; calculus students are in the same grade as those in special needs classes.

    The universities are a scam. Vampires leaching off of a brainwashed population. They hand loans out to anybody. Nobody is given an actual entrance exam, they are given placement tests. This means you can enter college even if you read at a third grade level.

    There are some students (maybe only a few) who are learners, and interested in self advancement. The majority of kids in colleges are junkies, literally. It's amazing how they can even wake up for class with the amount of alcohol they flood their brains with the night before.

    People really don't understand things. When you see youth acting out like that it's not because they're having a good time. That is not a good time. They're hiding from reality. Their brains have not even finished developing. Brain development is not complete until 30, so when you smoke pot or drink heavily in your teens and 20s you're stunting your mind.

    A large portion of Americans, 30+ year olds, have the mental capacity of teenagers, and are no longer able to learn new things. In other words their shot!

    However, to say learning higher level mathematics or tuning one's writing skills is not worth anything is stupidity. What life experiences are we talking about anyway?

    If life experience was truly a way of education, then how is it that so many people above 50 get slow witted? If you're talking about survival skills; hunting, gardening, self reliance, etc. there are benefits. As far as I can tell that's all that surmounts to.

    Most schools here are made to produce dumb Americans. The goal is ossify the mind in rigid habits. That's why they make children up until 7th grade or so, repeat addition and multiplication. In order to acquire skills, expansion is necessary!

    Children are naturally like plants. If they are to grow intelligent, it is essential their minds are flexible. Flexibility equals adaptable, and this is the key to discipline and courage.

    When faced with new, seemingly immense obstacles, most people react, "It looks hard!" Those who succeed at what they aim for look at big things and believe they can take it down. When suddenly jolted, they don't run about distracted by the noise, they steadily continue with what they were doing.

    The news can make dumb people WOW when a dictator is killed. Yet, this has been happening for thousands of years. So what's the big fuss? Anyway, that's an example of roots getting tangled up...

  4. 7:19:

    lol you're so wrong it's hilarious. Everyone knows a lot more than they did even 10 years ago, IQs have been shooting up over time. If you look at the material an average 5th grade class covers now, they cover more than college students did 50 years ago.

    The lazy college student myth is media driven. The science and math shortage are corporation driven---they are false but they like to hire foreigners at low wages on H1-B visas and to do that they have to pretend we don't have any qualified people in the US, which is utterly false.

    Right now most of the kids that got into Harvard 50 years ago probably can't even make a top 50 school. Just look over the admissions requirements and numbers and you'll see.


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