Friday, October 21, 2011

Why is education so expensive in the US?

Education is so expensive for many reasons, but one has to do with the increasingly prestigious university ... which means - really nice (expensive) bedrooms, dining rooms, gym, library, etc; famous /prestigious professors, the latest technology, etc. They also cover the cost of those who cannot afford. People in a school pay the money if they CAN, while those who CANNOT pay, may receive financial assistance, and the school has to make up the difference somehow. Then there is also a growing demand - students increasingly apply to college, then colleges may ask for more (and often need, as more students come and need more of school).More Here..

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  1. The answer is the government. Government provides loan to any student who want to go to college and college administrations can raise price as they please knowing the government provide all the money to the students to go to college.


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