Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Finding Clarity Within a Confused Planet - Part I

As a planet suffers the perils of a devastated economy, students, politicians, and economists search for answers. Over 40 million Americans need food stamps to survive and the official unemployment rate exceeds 9.1%. When including workers who have fallen off the roles, the rate climbs higher than 15%, and solutions seem weak or unbelievable. Or not affordable. U.S. taxpayers are getting tired of being the source of bail-out funding.

An assortment of victims are now Occupying Wall Street, and opening new demonstrations all across the country. Some economists predict it will even get worse. As Gerald Celente, of Trends Research Institute states, in nearly every interview, "When one loses everything and has nothing left to lose, he loses it." More Here...

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  1. For the sake of accuracy it would be more accurate to say that 40 million Americans can now qualify for food stamps. I would bet you dollars to doughnuts that more then half of those getting food stamps have assets, income and spend money on cigarettes, booze and drugs.


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