Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Finding Clarity Within a Confused Planet - Part II

Borrowing money to run an economy has been known for many years to be contra productive. But it's hard to find the real story in history textbooks. One could say that the first Revolution for America began with the Currency Act of 1764. Again, many opinions are offered, but before 1764, we had virtually no inflation and no unemployment. After 1764, Massive unemployment followed, along with a major depression. The London Bankers did not want to take colonial script (debt free currency) as payment for goods purchased by the colonies. They even went so far as to devalue this Colonial money with counterfeit money. The Currency Act was later repealed but was replaced by a series of draconian measures, that led to the first Tea Party. That part of history most of us have heard of. But the War that began in April 1775 was simply to get representation, not Independence. Again, one author, with one title, moved an entire nation to seek Independence. It was Tom Paine, with Common Sense, January 10, 1776. Less than six months later the Declaration of Independence was signed by several brave men, and the war for true freedom began as the "Shot heard around the world".More Here..

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