Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Plan your Retirement judiciously

Have you ever planned for your retirement? I was recently asked by someone in the media for my top retirement planning tip. In truth there are many 'top tips' but none of them are relevant until you've had a conversation about what you want to do during retirement. If you have spent time thinking about securing your retirement financially, you would know that the sooner you plan for your retirement, the better it will be. After giving your family all you've got and saved enough money because of your hard work, there comes a time that you start to think about yourself and settling down.More Here..

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  1. Wow, is that satire? Well here's a more serious assessment:

    When you get to be somewhat over 50; your brain starts to lose potency, and it begins to hurt physically to do the normal routine. Nobody should be working past the age of mental decay.

    Countries like India (of course, so many other examples are feasible) take care of their elderly (disabled and animals too). Interestingly, nations exist where you're not a legal adult until 25. They view social conditions more realistic and personal.

    Western culture is de-humanized; the system is determined to collectivize you. This is demonstrated in the way they insist male and female should not be distinguished, which clearly there are big differences in sex and what each is better suited for. All people are labeled adults at 18, when it's patent you don't start merging into an "adult" until mid 20s.

    This is quite convoluted. You can find this in many things. Notice, a 40 year old should behave more mature than an 18 year old. Why then does our justice system take kids in their late teens and lock them away for a crime like dealing marijuana for the same time as an older adult? On the same token we let rapists and pedophiles walk about, but make sure a woman who has a hissy fit on a plane gets 20+ years.

    Final instance of this is the mass celebration that takes place when a famous nubil turns 18. Yay! She can pose in porn now. Funny though, weren't those same men implicitly revealing their sexual interest in the minor before that? There are 15 year olds that can look older than girls 18-20.

    (Although thanks to booze, tanning beds, poisonous foods, sports drinks, stress, laziness, and depression the average American looks 10-15 years older than his or her real age.)

    Anyways, I could write a book on that alone so it's not going to do any good rambling. Being brief: There are problems and things need to change.

    As for retirement... hope you have caring kids when they're in their 30s or 40s so they'll take you in. Maybe they can move in with you if you have a better house/location. If not you could commit suicide. Of course that has a bad reputation. Then again, what kind of losers are we that it is an unequivocal NO! to helping parents.

    Dumbass 21st century Americans. Pathetic. You will save money with more people paying for one mortgage and list of bills together. Not to mention someone could take care of any children, or take care of the house if they don't work while others can focus elsewhere.

    Time+Money+Energy = Extra.


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