Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How to plan your retirement?

The retirement years open the wonderful world of freedom and flexibility for many people. We strive to free from our current work as soon as possible to relax all day, take a vacation when we want to continue for a lifetime dream, or other benefits that come with retirement. Many of us find that the years creep up on us and we have not planned well for our financial future. What if you're in your 50s and have nothing saved for retirement? Investing for retirement is not something everyone does in advance. Many people do not start because they feel that their retirement is several decades away and you can invest in good time, but sometimes that “good time” simply doesn’t come as you are busy taking care of your kids’ college education, your daughter’s wedding, a new house for the family and lo behold you are retired. Taking personal responsibility for your financial security is the first step towards a plan for your retirement. More Here...


  1. NOT!!!! Buy gold and silver!

  2. I laughed at the headline. Let me tell you about "retirement."

    Me and my friends live in older houses we can no longer maintain. Some have paid off their mortgages, some not, but if we don't come up with thousands in school and property taxes, we'll be homeless.

    We live on Social Security because (a) we didn't work long enough for large corporations to get pensions, and (b) we developed medical problems which limited our incomes and depleted our savings.

    We all wonder if we're going to survive the winter. I'll probably spend the next five months living in one room heated by a portable propane heater (which I hope won't set me on fire) and some enclosed electric heaters (with a resulting electric bill I probably can't pay).

    You get the idea. Although I worked all my life, I'm now reduced to selling off my belongings to pay bills. At this rate, the entire country will be one vast flea market.

  3. Cash out any IRA now and convert the remaining funds to food stores, physical silver. IRAs will go poof like all other digital money.

    When super or hyperinflation kicks in retirement checks will be useless.

    Any financial contract to receive a fixed amount of goods or service monthly will be scrubbed.

    Since our government is bankster owned and ran they will come up with a way to have their cake and eat it to via more Draconian legislation.

    If you own a home on a fixed mortgage and hyperinflation makes your $1500 mortgage payment the same as a pack of gum the banksters aren't going to just let you have that house.

    They will screw you via taxes or some BS law specifically to protect to money men.

    They got us coming and going. Get food, water, and all the essentials lined up now.


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