Friday, October 21, 2011

Increase in Unemployment rate: More problems

United States is experiencing a variety of increasing problems as this century grows older. Some of these problems include the global financial problem that has bankrupted many, while many more have lost employment. In October of 2011, unemployment is running at 9.1% according to Government reviews. These reviews indicate that between 1948 through to 2010, the general unemployment rate is put at around 5.7%. While a jump of 3.4 per cent in unemployment does not mean much on its own, when taken as a number in job seeker terms is a massive jump and demonstrates the number of American families in crisis. The US Census Bureau cites that the country's population was just fewer than 312 million people according to the 2010 census. 3.4 per cent equates to 10,608,000 more people than usual out of work in America.More Here..


  1. 312 million people? Not all people can work. The percentage of unemployment is far higher than 9% when we only include those capable of working.

    Suppose you don't count people in prison, with disabilities, under 16, older than 70, nor stay at home moms. I bet that drops the population to 100 million.

    I for one haven't worked for several years. I have rich parents so I'm blessed as long as I take care of the house. Was I ever put on the unemployment chart? Nope. So how can they calculate who isn't working? They don't consider many who are self employed as well.

    Finally, there are a good number of conditions in which people cannot get the same amount of work. Sure, someone might still be tiling floors, but the amount of clients he'll have could have been cut in half since 2008.

    Statistics are entirely useless, regardless of what is being inspected. To demonstrate this, the average Russian drinks two pints of vodka a day. Since this is the average, they can't call them alcoholics. They are severe alcoholics, but a Russian "alcoholic" might drink two bottles of vodka a day...

  2. The more Republicans in charge of government the more unemployment you will see. Just look at the states that elected Republican governors and legislators. The minute they get into office, they give tax breaks to rich friends and big business, and then they claim the state is short revenue and can't pay its employees. So they fire teachers, policemen and fire fighters.

    And you can kiss more middle-class jobs good-bye if we get Repubs in the Senate and White House. Politicians are great at stuffing their own pockets with money while taking the money out of yours. And then they'll claim the country needs austerity measures. Translation: let's fire everybody who might regulate big business and keep us from making more profits.

    Yeah, who needs the FDA or the EPA? So what if you eat, drink, and breathe poison. Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter will say it's good for you.

  3. Oh Republicans and Democrats ! Give it a rest allready! Can you say SAME SAME SAME !


    80% of Americans live within' 15 miles of a Walmart - 93% of ALL goods sold in Walmart are mfg. ------ wait for it ------ in CHINA

    Walmart has 5 ocean vessels that hold 15,000
    truck containers each that get unload in S.Calif
    every 5 days and then sail back --- wait for it
    to CHINA --- wait for it --- UNLOADED -------

    We make no sneakers, no shoes, no boots
    no socks, no underwear, no Tee shirts
    no bras, no pants, no slacks, no jeans
    no belts, no hats, no pajamas

    Hell, how in the fuck are "we" supposed to compete in a global marketplace when we are not even smart enough to show up with our own clothes on our backs, shoes on our feet, gas in our cars and ipads in our briefcases.

    Can you say - will not work ?

    Now; all together now ---- will not work.

    Republican ? Democrat ? SAME


  4. we are so fooked
    treason in te goverment is called patriotism

  5. Republicans and Democrats are not the same. Just take a look at the Republican agenda:

    1. get rid of Obama no matter how much they hurt the rest of the U.S.

    2. get rid of regulations that keep companies from making even more profits.

    3. get rid of regulations that protect America from eating, breathing, and drinking poison so that companies can make even more profits.

    4. stop the importation of drugs, stop Medicare from negotiating for cheaper prices, so that companies can make even more profits.

    5. scream about supporting the Constitution but ignore the parts about the separation of church and state, the prohibition against religious tests for office, and impose your religious beliefs on everybody else. P.S. The founding fathers were not Christian and did not establish a Christian country.

    6. try to abolish the minimum wage, claim that the poor aren't paying their fair share, block all taxes on the rich, keep giving tax credits to big oil, and let sick people die (because insurance companies need to keep making bigger profits).

    7. claim global warming is a hoax, although 90% of scientist say it's real and even the Pentagon reports global warming is a bigger threat than terrorism.

    Anybody who doesn't realize what the Republicans are doing is probably watching Fox news and listening to conservative radio. Try reading some books instead.

  6. In the next breath; your going to tell us how it is all working so very, very well under a democrat called obama - right ? !

    As far as reading books goes; listen up lady gaga - MOST of what you read and hear and some of what you see is for the most part the propaganda of the seller - that's right the seller.

    ANYONE can write a book - anyone. try to get it published one time; whole different bushels of peaches now lady.

    Do YOUR own research on global warming ! Are we really that warm? You hear typical rehtoric like
    " 12th warmest September on record" and the zombies' they eat this shit right up.

    The "record" is 132 years old! Dig into the polar icecap core samples - in the mid 1500's
    we were 2 degrees warmer than we are now! why isn't this ever mentioned? Where were the cars? the 7 billion people? Where indeed !

    the haves and have nots is as old as man! read Ben Frankilns Poor Richard - nothing is new under the sun lady; nothing. you say nothing new
    and insurance companies might want people to die; but big hospitals want to keep you as sick as they can, for as long as they can - so lets discuss that neat little incentive structure --

    Or; how about staying healthy from the getgo? No smoking, no booze, no promiscuity, no drugs, no manmade junk shit they call food etc etall.

    The constitution! you gotta be shitin' us right!
    BOTH parties have shit giant turds upon the constitution and the ONLY way your gonna make that right is by voting in Ron Paul - chances? One in 2,000.

    Stop the importation of drugs? Do you really want to go there under the Clinton Administration!!!?/ Lets start with "I didn't inhale" we'll end with " I didn't impale" thank
    you Ms Lewinsky.

    Regulations ? ! Surely you jest gaga lady? We got every fucking regulation known to mankind on the books already; thanks to the democratic progressive Roosevelt and company and since obama idealizes him so much; we are now down to the likes of limiting the amount of dust a poytato farmer can generate while preparing a field for planting.

    No, you gotta do much, much better than that gaga

    cause you ain't convincin' nobody 'bout nuthin' with them bullshit words

    Which is about all they are


  7. 9:50 here.

    I just typed this up in a different post. I felt obligated to share it due to its prolixity and relative elegance.

    "... Never would I join OWS due to the nature of its mindless liberal followers, but the Tea Party is flooded with an even larger portion of lemmings.

    Maybe that's ignorant. I watched Glenn Beck from late 2008 until he went off air. So I'm not oblivious to how twisted the modern left is. Though, he could never lure me into the right wing stupor.

    The elites who operate directly (and the leaders of) wallstreet, banks, the progressive movement, Obama, socialist/communist groups, CIA, MI6, and the crippling government departments (Dept of Education, Tsars, Food and Drug, IRS, etc.) are the same behind the Tea Party.

    The Tea Party is merely a sect of the Republican party. They tried to make it look novel and sexy by claiming to be anti-Bush policies as well as anti-democratic policies. The truth is that they are practically concordant with every political disposition of the Bush administration.

    Their heroes are soldiers, cops, corporatists, televangelist kooks, CIA operatives, and fat cats. Ironically, they preach independence but hardly demonstrate their courage when they worship soldiers and police. If you're so brave and free minded, then why do you need fat donut eating peanut brains to protect you!?

    Cops are some of the most abusive, uneducated, and poorly trained guys there are in this country. Many of them are nothing more than criminals in uniforms. I will attest that sheriffs tend to be good people. City cops, on the contrary, are real scum with few exceptions.

    Excuse the example made appearing desultory. Going back all the way to Woodrow Wilson, this country has a notable pattern of alternating between democrats and republicans during a hardship:

    Wilson was a nightmare - in came Harding. Hoover = nightmare - in came FDR.
    FDR/Truman = nightmare - in comes Eisenhower. Johnson = nightmare - in comes Nixon... Carter... Ronald... Clinton... Bush... Obama...

    The Tea Party candidates only impress Americans due to Obama being such a screw up. Reality is that the Tea Party or whatever other Republican nomination is made (which is perhaps selected for us already) will install their conservative financial policies once in.

    This will be the start of the offical plutocracy. Those without millions of dollars or more will have no chance to do ANYTHING! The reason? Banks and other firms will not be allowed to hand out money. That's what the campaign in these last several years was all about... "Stop the spending... stop the spending! No more handouts..."

    I'm sorry, how can be people get rich when they have no time or energy to focus on their goals, nor the money to get it running!?

    Meanwhile, our nation has been filled with retail outlets, while everything that produces and manufactures has been sent out. Once the dollar is gone Americans will be revealed as the headless pussies we've become.

    21st century Americans are horrible people; fat, lazy, stupid, cold hearted, miserable, habit based, greedy, fearful, sex obsessed, animal abusing - violence glorifiers... we are not the same people as we were in the 80s, 50s, or 1920s.

    Face it people, the country that our grandparents made is dead.

    I for one could care less for a life of material comfort. It's not very fun living in a world surrounded by frowns.

  8. so it's..people. people make up the gov, science, economies, works based religious institutions, industry of all types, people make society what it is..the majority have come unfettered, unrestrained, what was mostly kept at bay, thought shameful, kept under self control to a degree, is now released. it's not an american thing at all..worldwide. values mean less, family means less and less, love of self, money, pleasures replaces much.
    one group aims for mad desires through a right avenue, another through a left avenue..both heading south, all for this life only.

    come out from among them, be ye separate.

    odd, all the talk from world leaders, alot this very day too..about supranational ministries, world governemnt, world central bank, even the religious leaders calling for it, and people on the street too. Odd that it's unfolding in our time and prophesied it would and coming, yet many still refuse to stop and examine these busy some, in a mad rush for self and things of the world, all for things relating to this world. why go with them.


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