Thursday, October 27, 2011

Is US Economy Collapse becoming a reality?

US economic collapse news is confirmed news as it is straight from the horse's mouth. The pellucid evidences have shown that US economic collapse is going to happen very soon. Out of control government spending, and more cities, counties and even states having financial crises, the possibility of a Collapse in the US is becoming more and more real to many people.The United States economy took a major hit on September 12, 2001. Many stocks crashed and consumers lost faith in various industries.There are various precursors which eventually lead towards a complete breakdown in not only the economic but also the Political and Civil machinery.When governments cannot sell their debt in the open market, it makes it impossible for them to continue operations without some sort of turmoil or disturbance. More Here..

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  1. Nice post i agree with you. The Fed’s recent campaign to raise interest rates has certainty been supportive of the dollar. But one has to ask at this late stage: How much higher can the Fed raise rates without tipping the U.S. economy into a recession and can our economy handle a recession at this point in our history?

    We are a nation of debtors who have literally piled up debt in the last few decades, particularly within the last 16 years. You will recall that I address our astronomical debt in almost every newsletter. Again, I remind you that, excluding unfunded liabilities, our debt currently exceeds $40 trillion (corporate, personal, and government), and 65% of that debt has been created since 1990. This has put tremendous pressure on the dollar.
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