Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pits and falls of the US Economy

Indeed, it seems rather obvious that the government cannot be trusted to dictate economic policy or create jobs. The world has a new normal: economic uncertainties. America with all their top elite universities seems not to have a roadmap on how to navigate out of the valley of spiraling economic difficulties.The nation as a whole has been knocked around by the great recession and we are seeing the after effects from the most severe economic downturn in decades. The statistics of overall unemployment seem to me at least unfathomable. When you add in the self-employed and the under employed, you are looking at close to 30% of the US adult age population that are not effectively employed.More Here..


  1. Effectively employed!?

    Yeah sure. The obese, undereducated, pot smoking, beer drinking sport lovers living in trailor parks working at the fast foods and retail outlets are exceptionally productive citizens. Everything I aspire to be one day.

    A recapitulation of the Tea Party: Mormonized, narrow minded, labor praising, soldier loving, money dreaming baby pushers. I can no longer find it with in me to be a patriot. I so wish I was alive before the 90s. There is nobody useful left in this nation. Anyone on FOX to this crowd are allies. What followers; to form cliques on who has truth with the basis being what network they work for. That's as immature as the 9-11 truth movement.

    So much for dreams. Anyone who thinks big is quickly dismissed as an unrealistic liberal. You need to just sit down, shut up, and "get a job." As long as you have a job, doesn't matter what it is, but as long as you have one you're apart of the good guys.

    If you lie to or steal from people it's okay. If you are mean to people it's okay. If you are violent with people it's okay. If you complain about how you had to fight in battle and watch your boys get killed... it's okay! If you kill your family... it might still be okay.

    Why? Because you have a job of course!

    Haha! No wonder God turned his back on the USA. Your hearts are ice cold, your brains don't function, your goals are so primitive...

    Anyone relate to me here who isn't a socialist ignoramus!?

    There must be others who can see through the actual left-right paradigm. No, not the ambiguous motto thrown around, "Divide and conquer is their objective..."

    I mean, do you see how the left is used to destroy the nation economically and augment the government? Do you see how the right is used to vigilantly uphold the wealth hierarchy and assure enough gullible little children are duped into boot camp? (The ramifications of this are too numerous to analyze here.)

    Sorry. I'm not attacking any individual. I'm an incredibly gentle person. I don't have it in me to kill cockroaches, yet alone hurt a human. Consider the crude remarks as a derision to the groups, and not any persons.

    This is very frustrating. The more advanced I become, the more I recede from others. Each time I discuss things with people ("serious" matters), eruptions of confusion permeate the social interactions.

    I notice how poorly focused people are these days. People were much more "into the moment" when I was little from what I can recollect.

    Deviations from the original topic are almost guaranteed. Explaining a statement leads to the other diverting away in which I realize the person is not even apprehensive that I was merely seeking to make an analogy, support, or description of the overall argument. In other words; inconsequential constructs in the dialogue are taken as foremost.

    It's as horrid as knowing exactly what their response will be depending on what I solicit. They're so simple you can easily narrow it down to two reactions. If I could make any dream come true it would be to make everyone else superior to me in mind and spirt.

  2. people can see the decline of state of affairs, and within people themselves and virtues no longer valued as highly. said it'd happen in that old bible. time is coming when people will have to decide, time is actually now. love this world and present life? or love Christ Jesus. gains and pleasures that the system promises will satisfy, though never quite do because that's the very nature of them, or those old virtues and truths long neglected. choose the world, or choose life. as the ability to have riches and pleasures declines and the promises get grander yet not satisfy expect people the world over in turmoil and strife, all for lack of gains and lack of desires being met for many, and real suffering for others.

    desires within are alot like fiat money, must continuously be increased and chased higher to continue to operate. without money creation and desires pushed higher, and promises grander and grander too, where would we be. time is now, money creation-600 trillion?, is at the ceiling, with those amounts and more coming, what's the true value of it? desires-helped by debt spending-are failing to prove out, promises are getting ridiculous and many see through them, ceiling is here, what next? well it's written, all comes down to faith. the bigger issue at hand.

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