Saturday, October 29, 2011

Where is all the money for Health Care going?

Everyone complains that U.S. healthcare is too expensive and it certainly is! Where is all that money going: well over $2 trillion/year? Objective analysis shows ten reasons why we spend money on healthcare. The US healthcare system is the best in the world! --- Only if you can access and afford it. America has the most expensive and yet not the best healthcare in the world. Plans have been proposed to increase access to health insurance and streamline information sharing by digitizing medical records; government has failed to identify some elephants in the room that need to be addressed. Some say we must have free health care available to all because medical care is too expensive for most people. A serious illness can cause bankruptcy.More Here..



  2. This was my reply to the author of the article:

    This is one hell of a confusing article. This country doesn’t have a government-run health care program for all citizens. The only government-run health care system in existence is Medicare for senior citizens. It has a very low overhead, something like 8%, which means that 92% actually is paid out to medical professionals.

    Everyone else is supposed to buy PRIVATE health insurance from insurance companies. But as you said, many people cannot afford the premiums or can’t get insurance in the first place because of a long list of pre-existing conditions. Of the money paid to private health insurance, a huge percentage (around 30%) goes to overhead–and that includes the tens of millions their CEOs pay themselves in salaries.

    As for bashing “Obasmacare,” I have yet to hear anyone on the right propose a substitute, especially one the middle and lower classes can afford.

    And this is for 7:31 as well. Obamacare is NOT government-run health care, you twerp.

  3. 6:05 you are a brain washed old fart! 1st there is tort reform, 2nd there is eating healthy,exercise, and taking a more responsible care for your health. natural supplements. then there is med. savings accounts. obama care is all a bunch of crap shoved down our backsides by the communist congress! everything from 1099 forms under $600 dollars to gun control! wake up! there is no tinker bell...this country is broke, take 2 aspirins and call me in the morning!

  4. Anthem Insurance in Connecticut only pays out 40 cents on the dollar back to the patients.

    That's a very expensive middleman.

    I'm all in favor of capitalism when it works well, but it's time for national healthcare!

    I'm voting for Obama again.

  5. Hey 8:05 Tort Reform Rots!

    How many doctors wanna leave Connecticut? 1/3.

    How many doctors have disciplinary actions in the National Practitioner's Data Bank? 1/3.

    Doctors lie, tamper with records, rubberstamp second opinions, and withold medical care, and they count on the local doctors on the medical boards to protect them.

  6. you mean doc's are people too? and scientists and politicians are just people too? and sports hero's? and those people with a slip of paper from others like them that say's they know and understand the psych and here-take these pills fer the ills meanwhile thez caught up in scandals and family problems same as the rest of us?

    crazy stuff but a few of us haven't seen a doc in many years it possible that in a small way the "need" for medical care is hyped up using constant media and ads etc? same as with any media hype, focus on what one doesn't have, creating a perceived need, and a rush to get what one thinks they don't have and need? dunno, but sure works for ipads and stuff lol.. 1st-turn off the TV, and ignore the media hype, and remember your circle of people are locked within the hype still so have to ignore their pushing you to remain onboard the hype train of need. or, as is being and will be seen, as people become poorer, they'll naturally not be able to run daily to doc for perceived need, either way the med field will decline in use, a good thing. and don't listen to gov creating a different angle on the need for us all to have daily meds therefore take all tax dollers to create more of the same system only much bigger. What's this rumor about half of all americans now being on one prescription or another? ..has it helped? and yet we still need more meds?.. LOLOLOL! that's a hoot! turn off the TV..and hey u tweeters-tweet protests about all the ads, ads for meds, ads for cars, ads for games, ads for ads, ads for idols, ads for the thing you don't have and because it's shiny must have and the guy next door has one and...


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