Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Who holds the Real Power-- Small Businesses!!!

Macroeconomics is a branch of economics that looks at global economic variables to study the behavior of the national economy as a whole. American economy has a deteriorated image in many parts of the world, right now. Most people think it's the large companies that offer all the jobs in the United States, but this is not true. It is the small business that really More Here...


  1. It is true that the pyramid can't stand without a base. However, science will eventually discover tangible evidence that the external world is governed by the internal.

    Humanity right now is in chaos. Individuals are falling apart. A society must have citizens with harmony in order to be harmonious. We all know (if we aren't retarded) America, Britain, France, etc. are crumbling. Many like to blame it on economic or political factors.

    Even if our dollar became as strong as it was in the 1950s; everyone could afford things, we would still be in this nightmare. Our problem is not based on a poor economy, it derives from the Great Spirit (God).

    This is a collective karma playing out, as each soul incarnated is given a hand to play until achieving spiritual liberation by ending the separative existence and merging with the One Life. In this concept, the first Great War was a massive "snowball" of 500 years of karma needing to be dealt with. World War Two might have actually been the real event making world war one merely a bad wind...

    Suppose now some decades have past with huge events and radical changes having transpired. People today have reached a rock bottom. The flood of entertainment and egotism has pushed us away from all normalcy, self regulation, modesty, happiness, sobriety, and compassion. Children commonly laugh at footage of other humans dying.

    (It started noble and became abused, a good number of people mistake the goal of humanity as being to reach the highest state of material conquest as a result!)

    Most westerners come to view mankind as a linearly progression always excelsior in improvement. Generally those over 50 know how bad things have become, but those younger only know the fun toys to play with. That's not the point though.

    See, humanity might operate in a nonlinear fashion. At different time frames some cultures do well and others suffer, and in different ways. 10,000 years ago there were peaceful tribes - not all of course.

    My intuition really tells me that we're being called for something greater than a return to businesses hiring the poor teenagers and 20 somethings for crap work, and only giving those deemed worthy a little bit better of a pay check. Cliques are usually how these places operate anyways.

    So it will be forever our existence here to cycle around daily the lifeless block buildings keeping us isolated and in constant stress... toiling for things that have no actual purpose, and things we hate doing anyway, with people we often can't tolerate. The freeways alone are depressing.

    I'm not advocating socialism or redistribution of wealth. But can I ask if anyone of you really envisages a greater (happier) future if we have some partial 80s economic scene merging back with the people we are today?

    Aside from idealism; we can't start making wealth being 14 trillion dollars in debt. Come to think of it, we can't have an economy hosting 300 million people with a currency that has no value...

  2. o4:14 WHAT'S U R POINT?

  3. there's a higher rule and law at work? 1 thought gets me, we and EU funded the IMF to "help" some small unknown uncared for country and in return said country would have to hand over say..water. and some private company tied to the IMF and WB would take over water and clean it and sell it..thus the poor couldn't access what water they had before and what little money they had now used for basic water. now it seems such things have come home, privatizations they sugarcoat the word, EU and US will pay more for water, energy, toll roads, parking, food, restrictions on freedoms to farm, make do. debt circles, bailout circles, our turns now and coming. those poor greeks, their assets are on firesale and still fetching little, but selling they are, and the price is cheap.

    should have listened to those wacko's in the late 80's telling us to escape the IMF and UN, WHO and WTO, nafta and WB..and the rest. didn't, now look. oh well, we can end lobbying industry..LOLOL-yeah right we won't even do that. end capitalism? or end corporatism? what if there was little money in politics? what would that be like? business runs at profit so what? or business runs a gov, is that a problem?


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