Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bill Clinton: How I'd fix the economy

Move over Congress. Move over President Obama. Bill Clinton is back -- and he has a lot of economy-fixing ideas.

The elder Democratic statesman has crammed his latest book -- called "Back to Work" -- with dozens upon dozens of policy prescriptions designed to get the economy back on track.

Clinton hammers one point over and over: Government is good, and the policies of "antigovernment ideologues" would only "push the pedal to the metal of the most destructive trends of the last thirty years."

So how can the United States get back on track?

"We need to get our game face on," Clinton writes. Read more....



  2. homeowners who gambled and took on more then they could afford except for an "as promised perfect scenario economy" should be bailed out, just like the banks, so risk is rewarded by bailouts, just like the banks. seems nothing more then a push to get people to assume risks, maybe means the system itelf is becoming very heavy and without an "all in on risk taking" to continually feed it it's going to topple. Why can't I buy stuff to keep the consumer econ going and if my job lays off, due to a not possible double dip, get a bailout on my amassed credit card purchases? I mean, their telling me no double dip, so I'm safe right?

    covering their mistakes and trying to float the charade a little longer..after all they told everyone through corporate media and housing industry agents(whoose best interests are to tell all that housing goes only up and now is the time to buy and(give me my commission)that everything would continue fantastic, same with any possible double dip-can't/won't happen, so buy buy buy now. what would happen if there was sudden truth in the corporate news after all...lol, that's why it won't happen.
    ..love the latest one..MF global is fine..trust us we know..:))) LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!

    Look at china..people who borrowed from sharks are now killing themselves or disappearing, borrowed to expand their business based on promises that the boom would forever continue...aaaaand it didn't. so now their very lives are in danger. Many sane voices warning of this and that and now many are saying-wish I'd of listened.

  3. Bill Clinton is still another poltician that doesn't get it.


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