Thursday, November 17, 2011

Do Americans want new health care law repealed?

As the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to review President Barack Obama's healthcare reform, more Americans want to see it repealed than want to keep it, a poll released on Wednesday shows. The vote fulfils a top promise made to Republican voters in the November's mid-term elections. Republicans have also vowed to deny Mr Obama the funds to implement the law. A Rasmussen Reports poll released Monday reveals most voters believe the law will increase the cost of health care, increase the federal deficit and erode the quality of care. Though the Obama administration stepped up its public defense of the law in advance of an unsuccessful repeal vote in the Senate, the numbers suggest many Americans are not accepting the administration's arguments.

Mr Obama, who signed the healthcare change into law in 2010, has said he will veto the bill to overturn the law if it passes in both the House and Senate. Meanwhile, the renewed debate has given congressional Democrats an opportunity vigorously to defend the law's more popular provisions.

Americans' views on repealing the healthcare law mirror their reactions to its passage. In October, Gallup found 40% of Americans saying passage of the healthcare law was a good thing and 48% a bad thing. The poll indicates a wide partisan divide on the issue, with 78 percent of Republicans saying they want their House member to vote to repeal the law, with only 15 percent saying they want their lawmaker to vote to let the law stand. It's a different story for Democrats questioned, who say by a 64 to 24 percent margin that they want their House member to vote against repealing the law. Independent voters are divided, with 43 saying they want their lawmaker to vote to repeal them measure and 39 percent saying they want their House member to vote to uphold the law. Read more.....


  1. health care this healthcare that. was laughing with a friend about all the ads for pills and there side effects. going bald? got a new pill for that, side effects are blindness, heart attack, kidney failure, uncontrolled bleeding from the ears nose and eyes, loss of blood flow to the extremities resulting in better to stay off the drugs, think the design is to solve one problem but cause 2 more thereby getting you to give them money to solve the 2 new problems

  2. friends aunt is turning she ate bacon. they cooked with lard/grease back then, drank raw milk in the old day's, cheese, ice cream, non of it homogenized, other stuffed deemed bad for you now. gotta wonder 'bout what they deem unhealthy. they also being part of the same system that's given us the ponzi. didn't see the doctor much in her day..didn't know what her cholesterol was or even what cholesterol itself meant. modern healthcare seems much a sham. I say-eat bacon, all the time, drink raw milk, grow your own foods. other stuff. stay active though or your joints will stove up. know an 86yr old who still climbs a ladder onto the roof to patch it herself, 86! wow. another gramps mows the lawn in the hot summer and he's 89. neither has prescriptions that keep them alive and going and so forth. people like that aren't well liked by the pharma system, can't get much money out of them. knew another lady who took pills for some ailment, kidneys went bad after years on the first pills, then needed pills for that, which caused something else to happen, she was a wreck when she passed away, stay off the pills are good lie/sham. prescription-eat some bacon, drink raw milk, turn off the TV and don't fall into this "need" for medicine trap lol.

    what's changed with healthcare? was always there, people didn't flock to doc daily for a sniffle or red bump. we didn't have constant stream of tv ads before though, think the constant push of ads has something to do with it? other then that not much has changed. tell an ad long enough and people will believe. if people woke up and didn't flock to doc daily, the price would come down, same as any product for sale. don't be sold a bill of goods.

  3. I think the main point of the original Healthcare bill was to enable fairer treatment for all. At the moment you pay health insurance anyhow, and some rather large fees when you need an operation.... Its easy to preach about some old person who lived to 105, but when you're ill through no fault of your own, and faced with a massive cost to get better, you might change your tune.


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