Thursday, November 10, 2011

Election Day 2011 and what we learned

Election Day 2011 is (almost) over, and with the benefit of a little sleep and some coffee, it’s time to mine the results for lessons.

Here are four we came away with:

1. The unions can still bring it

Yes, the unions came up short earlier this year in Wisconsin – twice – but in both a state Supreme Court race and in the state Senate recall elections, they caused Republicans a major, expensive headache. Well, in Tuesday’s elections, unions caused Republicans a major headache AND they won big.
The unions overwhelming victory on Issue 2, which nullifies Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s (R) law curbing the collective bargaining rights of unions, left Kasich conciliatory and unions jubilant.

You have to believe, after seeing what happened in Wisconsin and Ohio, that budget-cutting Republican governors are going to think twice about crossing labor. It’s just too much of a hassle.

2. Mixed signals on 2012 in Ohio

The Ohio results will be intensely parsed for clues about the next election. Democrats hailed Issue 2 as evidence of their momentum, while Republicans hailed a competing Ohio ballot issue – a symbolic vote against the individual mandate portion of President Obama’s health-care bill (it passed by an even wider margin than Issue 2, nearly two-to-one) – as evidence that they have the edge. Read more...

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  1. It's fair to say anything from the washingtonpost is garbage. The guardian, huffingtonpost, and nytimes are just as idiotic. I'm not a fan of Fox, so don't accuse me of being right wing. It's just that the former are written by really sick in the head people.

    Back in August when I was getting my tooth pulled I had the misfortune of being in front of a TV while CNN was on. There was nothing I could do about it either. Finally the dental assistant asked if I desired to watch anything, I told her to just turn it off.

    She seemed confused but didn't have a way of turning it off with the remote for some reason, luckily she was able to mute it. It was still irritating pulling my head away from the retard images they were obsessively displaying. The whole impulse thing is a bitch. When you're smart enough to know what your nerves are doing, you'll realize how much television, images in general, are able to "suck" you in.

    Anyways, the tea party is shit. Bunch of flag waving... whatever you want to add there. "Get a job!" Yeah okay, they think the universe revolves around useless jobs.

    I'm sorry, but there is a reason why our way of life is coming to an end. God wants us to cultivate a new path in creation here. The Tao definitely is calling for evolution. We can't just magically go back to the 1950s or so. We are a degenerate group of people today. It wouldn't even make sense to visit some sort of emotionally displaced utopia we have in our heads.

    There are no jobs ever coming back to the US. More will steadily disappear. Once the Republican takes office, Glenn Beck and other neocons will become inactive tentatively since they won't be needed until the next Democrat gets in.

    War is bad all of a sudden, but during the Bush years Hannity and Beck were all gung-ho for the operations taking place in Iraq and Afghanastan. Though, the hippies didn't seem to come out in protest to Libya. Dumbass hypocrites.

    This country sucks people. It officially died in the 90s. Fuck it. It's a wonder why we even bother talking about real stuff like this. People are so fucking stupid today, they get worse each year too.

    I make my way to a waterpark once a year, people gain about 100 pounds everytime. Thin, good looking Americans are dying out man.

    The gas station often has long lines during the days. Most of the people in the line, yes on a weekday, are holding a 30 pack of beer. I don't blame them, I take pain pills to the point where I can't even hold my eyes open when I get the opportunity.


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