Monday, November 7, 2011

From Ivy League University to Food Stamps- The New Reality of the Educated Poor in the USA

I continue with my belief that all economic classes, except one, are quickly collapsing. The only economic class NOT collapsing, but is fact gaining more wealth than ever before, are the Elite (the top 1% of the top 1% of the US income bracket). The Princes versus the Peasants...Charles

Stephanie Morales, 23, who graduated from Dartmouth College in 2009 with hopes of working in the arts. Instead she ended up waiting tables at a Chart House restaurant in Weehawken, N.J., earning $2.17 an hour plus tips, to pay off her student loans. “What was the point of working so hard for 22 years if there was nothing out there?”
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  1. Cry us a river why don't you... spoiled twats. This article put a big smile on my face, even though I'm not smiling.

    I hate America with a blooded passion. This is justice on a cosmic scale. The USA is on a highway to hell, and its population deserves where it takes them.

    Asshole nation of mindless lemmings. How does it feel to have a bomb dropped on you suckers!?


    For the first time in my life there is hope. If Obama gets in again, hopefully he does, it will hasten the inevitable. If a republican takes it, likely they will, we'll be dragged into poverty to the point of our faces peeling off.

    Destruction is our only salvation.

  2. wow what a stupid comment that was

  3. Graduated from Dartmouth College with the "hope" of working in the Arts!!! Are you serious? And no doubt she got loans and grants to go to a prestige school and study "the arts". Did it ever occur to her (or any of those with degrees in basketweaving) to spend four years and get a degree in something USEFUL!! Computer science, nursing, Engineering, something that employees are actually looking for. But "the arts"!!! She deserves to be working as a waitress.


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