Friday, November 11, 2011

Federal Workers Overpaid: Whats the excuse?

President Barack Obama’s recent announcement to freeze the pay of federal civilian workers did little to ice the debate over whether federal workers are overpaid or underpaid. Republican leaders and conservative think tanks claim federal workers are overpaid. They say the average federal worker is paid twice as much as those in the private sector. Republican House leaders and some conservative experts talked about the need to reduce the pay and benefits of government employees.

“Compensation of private-sector employees has not kept pace with that of federal employees,” said Rep. Dennis Ross, the Florida Republican who chairs the House Oversight subcommittee conducting the hearing. “Our taxpayers can no longer be asked to foot the bill for these federal employees while watching their own salaries remain flat and their benefits erode.”

He contended that President Obama’s two-year pay freeze for federal workers, enacted in December, “wasn’t really a freeze” because it did not include promotions. He decried the fact that Obama’s 2012 budget calls for hiring 15,000 more federal workers. Read more...


  1. I wish you would stop running articles by someone who is nothing but a shill for Republican talking points. Everything else I've read says that government workers are NOT paid twice as much as private workers.

    Republicans are attacking the unions in a last-ditch effort to eliminate (a) the middle class and (b) union campaign donations. Meanwhile, the corporations give politicians TEN TIMES the amount that unions give. So when unions donate $100 million, big business donates a billion! I'm still waiting for the conservatives on this site to object to that.

  2. Ahhh... thank you Republicans for being so concerned about those overpaid government employees.

    Funny how they can adjust their party's image to look sexy for the plebes. Please comprehend that those running the Tea Party are no different than any twit from the Bush administration.

    Now they need to stop the madness, the government spending. Right. But that means as we all sink into poverty, only wealthy people will be able to do anything at all. Nobody will have the option to loan money.

    Obama sucks so much they can make an illiterate black man look like Jesus. Cain has no brain whatsoever, he's a real airhead. This guy reminds me of someone who should be on a damn sitcom.

    Good grief, who one earth could even be galvanized by such a doof!? I don't even want to begin on the other tards. Rick... Texas... yay! Keep building those walmarts, we're so prosperous!

    Anybody see what I see in all that? I'll take it one step further, Ron Paul is a flake and needs to just buy a fishing boat and get lost!

    Ask me what needs to be done, but I'm already lost.

  3. repubs attacking unions(for 1 reason is they donate to democrates alot) meanwhile corporations give POLITICIANS ten times the, your words. left right dem repub, they don't work for you and they all, left right dem repub, take corporate and banking industry donations. Maybe we ought to look for any of them who have refused donations from corporations, banks, or unions...find one who has refused consistently and vote for him...course then we'd have NO ONE to vote for! LOLOL

    funny idea, make all politicians where nascar type jumpsuits, with patches showing who has sponsored them lol

  4. NEW YORK (AP) – Defunct trading company MF Global says it is terminating its entire workforce of 1,066 employees.

  5. Republicans - Democrats = SAME

    Unions - Big Corporations = SAME

    I would LOVE to compare your IQ to that of Ron Paul !

    We ALL know where you'd finish.

    Looks like Warren Beatty; NO
    Speaks double tongue like 99% of politicans; NO
    Dresses in $2,000.00 suits like Obama ; NO
    Gets $600.00 haircuts like Bill Clinton; NO
    Blowhard like you; NO
    Vetern U.S Air Force YES
    Dairy Farmer YES
    Medical Doctor YES
    Married to same woman for 48 years YES
    Accomplishments in the House of Representatives


    Your accomplishments : purchased computer in 2009 and as you state " your lost "

    Well; you convinced us !

  6. He'll never make it because the presstitutes have convinced nonthinking Amerikans that he does NOT fit the mould.

    Well' he doesn't = but Ron Paul is EXACTLY what this country needs for 4 years.

    No parties. no bullshit, no fucking wars, no Fed
    no bowing down unto other countries.

    But alas! Ron Paul believes everyone needs to Pony up! The 45 Million on food stamps won't vote for him; the 27 million 99 weekers won't vote for him; the unions won't vote for him -
    the blacks and hispanics won't vote for him.

    I just laugh as these dumb assed entitlement junkies put yet another robot in the highest office in the land to do others bidding

  7. through the crisis in europe they've froze and cut wages too, also ceded governmental authority over wages and labor laws over to unelected panels based in a far off country. now they've replaced elected rulers with overseer's sent in by a panel of people that supercede any country, to get the panels rules imposed and enacted. so lets think again whether what's going on in europe has any bearing on the US, is a signpost of what's coming here that'll be similar. already we've gotten the super congress, super fed in '08(congress ceding more powers to the fed such that no true oversight is allowed on fed's actions). what's next? austerity, more centralized rule. for signposts keep your eye's on developments in europe as much as here. It's said in prophecy that the son of perdition conquer's through peace..seem's so, interesting times, save your soul.
    ..didn't ron paul warn a dictator's coming? in part he's got some of the real issue's in line, way more then the others, that's why all say he's unelectable and refuse to give him airtime. he's also spoken on FEMA and their harmful actions


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