Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Is our Society heading towards Corruption?

In the U.S., corruption is seldom “corruption.” Take as an example our president, who has been utterly clear: he will not take money for his electoral campaign from lobbyists. Only problem: according to the New York Times, 15 of his top “bundlers,” who give their own money and solicit that of others — none registered as federal lobbyists — are “involved in lobbying for Washington consulting shops or private companies,” and they are raising millions for him. They also have access to the White House on policy matters. According to a June report from the Center for Public Integrity, “President Obama granted plum jobs and appointments to almost 200 people who raised large sums for his [2008] presidential campaign, and his top fundraisers have won millions of dollars in federal contracts.”

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  1. Gee, ya think?

    Can you post less articles so we can have time to reflect our opinions?

    Sure it might be a waste of time, but I remember this site had better quality when you only posted two or three a day. Each one used to have 10 - 20 comments on average. Zero comments for each is typical now, mostly because they disappear too quickly.

    You link articles from other sites, it's pointless. People will already have known about that or read about it in some way. How many articles need to be here about a debt problem or the university scam?

  2. Corruption, without failure, always begins at the top and premates down.
    So...if the average Joe is considered corruptible then you can just imagine whats happening at the top.

  3. The question is redundant. The USA has already evolved into a giant, crony capitalist banana republic.

  4. goes on with the fast tracking FDA, why not everywhere else. ..and when one leaves one placement, received with open arms at another-the world loves it's own.

    remember that statement from the (advisor in some capacity) to bush..said something along the lines of found himself doing things he'd of never done or imagined doing before entering that placement, said it was like a vacuum...once u enter there's no out and only a further draw in. Thought that was pretty revealing when heard it. and don't think it's a repub/dem thing, it's everywhere all party's all capacity's. perhaps there's something spiritual going on here aswell

  5. We need to boycott the banks who boycotted Julian Assange.

    After that, we need to read the book called "Retirement Heist".

  6. Really I am also thinking that please don't post more then 3 in one day because people feel confused.So please try posting less and thank you for viewing post.


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