Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Obama: Campaigning Like It's 1936

While Republican presidential candidates are looking forward by proposing variations of a flat income tax, President Barack Obama’s tax-the-rich campaign strategy is looking backward—to Franklin Roosevelt’s 1936 reelection campaign. FDR won his reelection, but the American people lost: Roosevelt’s new taxes on business and the “economic royalists” gave us the “Roosevelt recession” of 1937-38. Read more....


  1. most boring articles ever

  2. No wonder this asshole is pushing a flat tax, it's in Forbes magazine, for god's sake. Steve Forbes has been pushing the idea of a flat tax for years.

    The Republicans have been trying to tell us that a flat tax or a national sales tax or a value added tax (pick one or more) will save the country. Wrong! It will save the rich lots of money while making the middle and lower classes pay even more.

    Every economist and accountant says these taxes are regressive, but the Rethugs figure if they repeat it long enough, the moronic American public will believe them.

  3. VAT! they said was coming. isn't here...yet, but what'dya think. besides, with the bailouts for TBTF's coming they'll need tax and more tax..maybe a few fee's and stuff added also, to recup the banks, keep'em from falling.

    one proposal reduces businesses exemptions=increases their taxes. fine print-decreases taxes on money made oversea's-pro multinational, con small business. the big will swallow the small and grow bigger, the given revenue/activity must be funneled to the fewer as the revenue stream will not grow any larger from here. what are the profits now made oversea's for the bigs? 50%? and growing. yet not growing so much on-shore, simple, swallow the smalls on-shore, get that revenue stream, pay that on-shore tax yet outweighed by the larger intake of the home market share meanwhile continue expansions oversea's.

    have a feeling it's going to be a cold winter, got firewood?

  4. Yeah - I got firewood ! Got ot frum Obama ! Wit Obama money.
    He will get reelected no dounbt bout it
    See previous post - wut repugs got to offer sides nuthin'
    OBAMA '12 - Send me Mo wood !
    Yeah Baby - that;s what I'm talkin' about !

  5. Hmmm.....Judging from all of FDR's election victories, I don't think that his programs were too unpopular with Main Street.

  6. why look to the big house for answers?


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