Friday, November 18, 2011

Top 10 Companies That Will Save the American Economy

America lost its lead as the world’s top manufacturer to China. Some experts on the global economy argue that the demise of US industry will accelerate as unemployment remains high and the government wrestles with its budgetary problems. The critical global needs of the 21st Century that 24/7 Wall St. reviewed were: the ability to organize and control information, the ability to cure disease, the ability to control the efficient use and distribution of natural resources, the ability to educate broad groups of people and the ability to transport people and cargo.

The American companies that are the leaders in providing solutions for each of these needs are often without parallel outside the US. If they do have competition, it is rare and usually a fraction of their size. Below is the list of American companies which really helps to save the economy:



  1. in globalism there's no beholding to a nationstate. no saving america when profits can be made easier elsewhere. and profits are now reported large from elsewhere. how could they save america when personal and gov debt has and will crimp their revenue stream here? easier to raise up somewhat the people elsewhere and gain their new found wealth through creating consumers there. their actions prove this out. target isn't here. even the chinese gov is trying to create consumers out of their populace lol. s. asia next, eurasia, africa, lots of peoples to raise up somewhat and then harvest their spending streams.

  2. This just in: opportunistic global depression blogging takes a turn for the brighter. Cha-ching.

  3. Another finished with this siteNovember 20, 2011 at 3:50 AM

    I think this blog, and blogger, have really lost contact with reality. You've lost yet another long time denizen.

  4. Several of these companies outsource, and they probably put most of their profits overseas to pay less taxes. Some of them might not even be "American" if several of their stockholders or investors are foreigners.

  5. So we are back to being able to squeeze blood from turnips then? I will buy some of these once this pig crashes at terminal velocity into the ground, but I would be a fool to buy any of these right now based on forward earnings. It's about to get way more interesting moving forward.


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