Thursday, December 1, 2011

Americans Flock to Car Showrooms With Wallets Open

Auto sales in the United States climbed 14 percent in November as lower gas prices and a wider availability of Japanese models helped the industry achieve its highest selling rate in more than two years, automakers and analysts said Thursday.

With analysts projecting that December will be even better, the industry is closing the year strong despite continued sluggishness in the nation’s economy. Consumers and businesses are finding they can no longer put off replacing their vehicles, which are now an average of almost 11 years old, a record.

Chrysler said sales for all its brands surged 45 percent in the United States compared with November 2010. Sales of its passenger cars more than doubled, and the Chrysler brand, which has been advertising heavily, reported a 92 percent increase. Sales of Jeeps climbed 50 percent for that brand’s best November since 2003. Read more....


  1. numbers for unemployemnt dropped to 8.6 yet read that participation rate is 64%, the lowest since the 1980's as more people drop off the rolls of those looking and are no longer counted, so with auto's read about channel stuffing(sold to dealer only yet simply counted as sold), so cars are stacked on dealer lots, then there's always the revising of the numbers released the month prior which are 90% of the time revised worse. same with inflation, housing was added which is declining and offsets rises in products and fuel and food is outright excluded. so who trusts the numbers anymore? lol, I know, we're not supposed to be reading the news..only staying tuned to how it's presented on the TV and trained for soundbite portions of news.

  2. "Have a seat and a cup of coffee. Let me talk to my manager. We want to put you in one today".

    SSDD Same Shit Different Day

  3. Interesting...Now that oil prices are back at $100 and gas prices rising to near $4/gallon Should make it very interesting.

  4. hear portugal has raided private pensions..lessee, hungary, ireland, argentina, a little dipping into them by the treasury before the budget ..thing here, cuts in pensions in many many more countries. harder to rebuild retirement when money is taken up in car payments, just things to consider


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