Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What Is the Biggest Problem Facing Americans Today?

The latest poll asked respondents to use their own words to describe the biggest problem facing Americans today. Most listed something related to the economy, jobs, and government spending. However a substantial number also mentioned political division, big government, greed, and morality. The graphic below displays the percentage of respondents who mentioned the following issues as America’s biggest problems.

5. Government Size and Spending

My worries of April 2008 seem quaint now. For example, in the original post, I lamented that China owned”nearly $500 billion of our debt.” The number today: nearly $740 billion.

And remember how I ended that section? The big shock was the fact that the government was planning a bailout that could cost taxpayers up to…$25 billion! Today, that sounds like the scene in Austin Powers when 60′s-era Dr. Evil tried to extort the 21st century United Nations for…one million dollars!

It’s actually difficult to pin down an exact number for how much the government has spent in bailouts since then, but considering that a list I put together recently put George Bush’s 2008 total alone at $1.1 trillion, and before he even took office, CNN was figuring several trillion more for Obama’s plans, I think it’s safe to say that trillion is the new billion. Read more....

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