Thursday, January 12, 2012

4 Absurd, Damaging Right-Wing Lies About Food Stamps

On November 4, 2011 Congresswoman Jackie Speier, D-Calif., and eight of her Democratic colleagues ended their week-long "food stamp challenge." During the challenge, the congresspeople maintained a $4.50-per-day food budget to better understand the situation of those in the food stamp program, which delivers an average weekly benefit of $32.59. (The program was officially renamed the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, in 2004.)

"There are a lot of myths associated with food stamps," including "the argument that it is rife with fraud" and the idea that beneficiaries are shiftless, said Speier. "Many of those who are on food stamps are the working poor. I really feel strongly that unless we walk in the shoes of someone on food stamps, we have no idea. I had no idea, I really didn't." Read more.....


  1. Thats right, there is no food stamp fraud. But when I typed that into google I got 1,410,000 hits. Hmmmmm. Maybe there is food stamp fraud after all.

  2. The American people have more problems than they can even count. The amount of bullshit that murdered the US is unbelievable. Everyday, and everywhere, you see the American population wasting away to the point where humanity isn't recognized.

    How much booze can people drink? Well, in 1970 alcohol remained in liquor stores. Shortly after only small sections in stores sold it. Now the first thing you see when you walk into any store is a massive isle filled with a hundred different brands. No wonder that the universities host mostly academically unqualified alcoholics and addicts. STDs since 1950, went from two known to over a hundred. "Free sex" only comes with intoxication. Believe that, no hippie did it sober.

    But alcohol always served the ruling class; a bunch of hung over idiots with millions of dead brain cells each binge episode have no way of managing themselves properly, yet alone fight tyrants. I think booze wise, we've regressed back to the Renaissance level...

    Now let's talk about caffeine. Did anyone else know that caffeine actually sucks the brain and physical energy away from you? Besides causing fight or flight responses throughout the day, this constant adrenaline is responsible for rapid mood swings, anxiety, insomnia, and depression.

    Maybe that's why big pharma stays big? And how teenagers are diagnosed with all kinds of shit they don't really have. Perhaps if they didn't flood their brains with red bulls they wouldn't have ADHD.

    Television and internet both cause depression, depletion of energy, slothfulness, brainwash, and diminished self esteem. The attention span of anyone who watches more than an hour of it a day, mindlessly letting themselves be subjected to commercials and other sick propaganda, you could never get that through to them since it scares them so much. YOUR BRAIN IS FUCKING ROTTING!

    No, I don't think food stamp fraud is that big of a deal. Besides, the government spends more on a military hardly used. Until, of course, we destabilize the Arab world to the point where the boys who got kicked out of mommy and daddy's house have to go save them from big evil Muslim dictators.

  3. The federal government spends in excess of $1.2 trillion on a variety of welfare programs spread over 6 federal cabinet level departments. The states in total spend a comparable amount to supplement the federal programs. Fraud in all of these programs is rampant probably exceeding 50% of the money thrown at it. The constitution does not authorize the federal government to spend one cent on welfare. On the other hand the constitution mandates the federal government to spend money on the military. If we could get the Supreme Court to finally declare it is unconstitutional to take money from one person at the threat of violence and give it to another who did nothing to earn it, then and only then will fraud in welfare be no big deal.

  4. 68 billion of 3.5 trillion...

  5. The actual spending on "welfare" is intentionally difficult to track down as it is spread over numerous federal department level budgets. Here is a partial list:SNAP (food stamps) $68 billion
    WIC $7 billion
    School lunch $16 billion
    Administration for Children and Families $59 billion
    Medicaid $300 billion
    TANF $35.7 billion
    CHIP $27.3 billion
    Indian health services $15.4 billion
    Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services $4.5 billion
    Prevention and wellness $804 million
    Child care $3.7 billion
    Social services block grants $1.8 billion
    Child support enforcement $4.3 billion
    Foster care & adoption assistance $7.5 billion
    Childrens health insurance program $10.5 billion
    Head start $8.3 billion
    Maternal and child health $904 million
    HIV/AIDS $2.33billion
    Substance abuse and mental health $3.67 billion
    Health care fraud and abuse control $1.73 billion
    Refuge programs $878 million
    Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program $5.3 billion
    Tenant based rental assistance $19.55 billion
    Project based rental assistance $9.4 billion
    Section 202 housing $825 million
    Section 811 housing $300 million
    Community development funding $4.4 billion
    Other housing programs $30 billion

    This is just the tip of the iceberg and doesn't include the states share of welfare which is usually about 50%.


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