Saturday, January 21, 2012

Did You Know; Shift Happens - Globalization; Information Age

Created by Karl Fisch, and modified by Scott McLeod; Globalization and The Information Age
America used to be big, but it's gone dreadfully far down on the scale, almost becoming insignificant in terms of the worldwide education system. The world's population of 6 billion is rising at extraordinary amounts each day.
All technology will be outdated at most two years after its released, including what is taught to kids.
More money is put into video games than education. Computation power has gone beyond anyone's wildest dreams. Amazing, in all uses of the word. Read more.....


  1. Kudos to you. Tens of millions are quick to grab for food stamps, when $20 worth of seeds, a shovel and 2 bags of fertilizer used to grow in a 20x 30' patch of soil would feed most families for six months a year. Add a dozen chickens and you are on your way to self-sufficiency....something the Elites do not want you to discover.

  2. I live in Oklahoma, growing a garden in this blow torch heat ain't gonna happen! As for chickens, when you go to through them a little corn to eat? Ever see "pop corn" on the grown? It is too hot,dry. Also, what are they (government) spraying??? They say we are gonna have another drought again? The "Elites"gotcha covered like "Paint on the Wall"!!!!


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