Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Get to Know Newt Gingrich

Tenured CFR Member Newt Gingrich has a record that speaks for itself. Are you listening? Remember the lesser of two evils, is still evil.

The Ron Party is a place for people who believe Ron Paul is the best chance we have to restore constitutionality in America to rally around him under one name that cannot be confused or condemned for being anything other than what it states. The Ron Party is intended to create separation from the Neocon Republican Party and Infiltrated "Tee" Party. We intend to help others see the clear choice to save the Republic by exposing the Establishment and it's tactical control of both political parties. In a sense our mission is to create real choice by driving home the differences between Ron Paul and the Establishment Left Right. Read more....



  2. Get to accepting your country is dead.

    America is dead, accept it people.

    More than one third of Americans have been arrested, more than half are on drugs, the youth are completely wiped out in ignorance and booze, and generation Z spends their lives in front of Disney shows killing off their ambition and attention span.

    Let's not mention the 300 million diabetics worldwide, most of those are in the US. That's just one disorder, imagine the depression, bipolar, addictions, psychotic or personality disorders, and overall retardation (the average American's intelligence might qualify).

    I think it matters not who gets in office, even Ron Paul. Ron Paul is irrelevant. The politicians and bankers, whatever people want to blame, are not responsible. They are merely reflections of the people.

    Middle class America has been infested with trailer trash. Alcoholics, junkies, skanks, broken families, theives, and stupid rude people comprise the typical suburban "middle class" neighborhood now. The only hope left is utter destruction. By destruction I mean 20 years of mass chaos and anarchy.

    1. What you are describing is the moral bankruptcy of America. I resolve to remain faithful to Jesus Christ the only true source of Hope. He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords and will put an end to all of this chaos!

    2. Amen to that. 2 things happening, or way's of looking at things, the fulfillment of many prophecy's occurring and a coming antichrist system and much bad, or the return of Jesus Christ to set things right. where your treasure is, there your heart will be also


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