Wednesday, January 18, 2012

GOP: "Unemployment Benefits Encourage People Not To Work" ...LIES

A recent study has found that those eligible for federal unemployment benefits are MORE likely to search for a job than those who are ineligible for unemployment benefits.

I suppose all those 11.5% of veterans who are unemployed are lazy too. You know? The guys the cons are always riding on the backs of, saying they support so much. The ones with the 60-80% dropout rate when they attempt to use their post 9/11 G.I. bill. Must just be because they're lazy. Yes. That is not an oversimplification at all. Read more....

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  1. Your kidding, right? Someone really thought this was an effective way to counter what everyone knows and can see everyday. Incredible! Arguably people who have used all their unemployment benefits by definition are not looking for jobs or are not trying hard enough. I mean, DUH! If they were they would have used up 99 weeks of unemployment without finding work. So use these dead beats as "proof" that people on unemployment are not deadbeats is pretty stupid...


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