Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How much is 23% savings worth to Americans?

Jon Stewart sheds light on our willingness to make others suffer for our greed.

they are paid 31cents an hour and you're talking about them somehow getting access to medical rofl. 12 years for even talking about unions, hilarious. This is so much worse than 1920 in that this is not 1920, this is *** 2012. The world isn't some segregated place, 31cents an hour in a global economy essentially enslaves you.

59billion dollars for Foxconn in 08 in revenue, I'm sure it all went into costs and R&D and not into the pockets of the communists eh?

It's a good thing we've moved so far past slavery in America. Now they just ship our jobs to places that do. I guess that way the scavengers in charge of these corporations don't have to see it and if you can't see it it's not real. This is hilarious. Read more....


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  3. Who cares? If they're only worth 25 c per hour, that's all they should be paid.

    Labor unions have driven even driven menial job salaries out the roof in the US. Pay people what they are worth, period!

    If market forces determined salary, then more people would be interested in obtaining tough, technical degrees; instead of majoring in worthless endeavors like journalism and law.


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