Friday, January 27, 2012

how rich is romney

Exactly how much is Mitt Romney worth? Hard to say.

The estimates, even from the candidate and his own campaign, are all over the map. Asked point blank on Wednesday during an interview with Univision, Romney described his net worth in very general terms.

It’s hard for most of us to imagine being worth a few million dollars. That’s serious greenbacks, putting us beyond worry and squarely in the land of comfort. But if we were Mitt Romney, who is worth a quarter-BILLION dollars, that would be chump change.

The answer is that Romney's earning was taxed at a corporate level and then again as it was distributed to him as a capital gains tax. Correspondent John Berman spun the Republican candidate as out of touch: "Mitt Romney earned more than $42 million over the last two years. Earning in a day, roughly, what the median American makes in a year." Read more....

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  1. Good for him, I hold no grudge that he has been successful. He pays more than his fair share unless you believe the communist style of graduated taxes is somehow fair.

    Romney’s estimated 2011 burden — pays for:

    — The monthly food stamp allowance for about 23,909 people.

    — The cost of educating 302 elementary and high school students.

    — The base salary (before bonuses and allowances) of 178 privates in the U.S. Army.

    — The federal contribution to the benefits of 636 Medicaid enrollees.

    My measily $12,756 tax burden on my 79K earnings last year only covered a few people.


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