Friday, January 27, 2012

Martin Luther King Jr's universal message

Much has transpired in America these past few weeks leading to this annual recognition of Martin Luther King Jr's life. I've cringed as I've listened to one Republican presidential candidate after another diss those struggling financially by saying there is "class envy", that the wealthy are who they are simply because they've worked harder. I had flashbacks to Ronald Reagan and George W Bush when some of these current Republican standard-bearers used thinly veiled racist and classist sentiments to blame, conveniently, blacks and cash-strapped Americans for our nation's deep-rooted social ills.

Since the earliest days of the republic, clergymen have played major roles in American politics. In the years prior to the Civil War, preachers fanned the flames of the abolitionist movement. They were hair shirts. Martin Luther King Jr. was in that tradition. In King's case, it was notable that a minister of the Gospel played such a pre-eminent role in a decade that was as secular, albeit idealistic, as the 1960s. Read more....

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  1. Here we go again, nobody is responsible for their ouw actions blah blah blah. Always somebody's fault, never their own. That was not the message of MLK.


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