Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mitt Romney Fights With Reporter After Being Exposed As A Liar

I wanted to send this around a second and final time only because it has almost 600,000 hits in 3 days.
While Romney disputed that lobbyists aren't running his campaign (in 2007- 2008), he did admit that the lobbyist the reported mentioned has been in debate planning sessions. That means he was tied... That made Romney busted.

Too old to bring up now? Has that stopped anti-Gingrich forces from dredging up past stuff. Did the Obama campaogn talk about the Hillary not being under sniper fire thing as claimed then? Have pro-Romney forces dredged up the past against GOP rivals?
Hasn't Gingrich called Romney a liar? Based on this alone, would that be true? Watch the video...

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  1. Wait a minute. I met with a contractor once, does that mean he is running my life?? I am not sure your "logic" works.


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