Thursday, January 12, 2012

Middle Class America is dying

Work has been extremely hard to find here in American for the middle class, and especially the IT industry. It used to be that we could jump from job to job, but then all of a sudden, companies quit updating the IT department and software and also did not start any new projects. The Department of Defense run out of government grants to do projects, and millions of people have lost their jobs since Bush was "elected" into office. People who used to make around $60k and up are now losing their homes and have credit cards charged to the max trying to survive.

Today I went over to Safeway and I was absolutely appalled at the prices. I honestly don't know how most families make it these days. I ended up paying over 140 dollars for about two-thirds of a cart of food. That was after I "saved" 67 dollars on sale items.

When the cost of the basic things that we need - housing, food, gas, electricity - go up faster than our incomes do, that means that we are getting poorer. Read more....


  1. As long as uncle sugar prints billions in fiet money each day to pamper the entitlement serfs the apparant cost of goods will go up.

    Like watering down pea soup day after day, the dollar's green is almost gone.

  2. Yes they will probably continue money printing and you have to look for ways to make money so you do not go down the drain. Buying gold and silver may help but most people just do not have the money to buy. So how do you earn some money? Just a few days ago this blog had 5 top business opportunities and most of them were not likely for most people but one of them I have been doing and is working and that is a health related business.

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  3. so what else is new??? the little general bernakapart told you there's NO inflation. thats why he keeps interest rates so damned low and keeps printing more crap that only debases the dollar. and its not just old retiree's that live on interest, you manage to get some savings as a younger person while you save and earn interest, so when you get to retirement you have those savings that earn interest to help live on. well now were all screwed due to the fed's policy.

    it surprised me that the BLS even came out with a higher CPI this time that at least gave some a 3.6% cola. they also have their way of screwing with numbers and the cost of goods most normal people buy to live a normal life.


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