Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Obama's NDAA Signing Statement, Collapse of Society & More

On this first live show of 2012, Alex takes a large number of your calls and talks about the latest news, including the Iowa caucus tomorrow and Ron Paul's chances as the Republican establishment plots against him and pushes the script-reading warmongers Mitt Romney and the recently come-from-behind candidate Rick Santorum, who has proposed air strikes on Iran.

Alex also talks about the concerted effort by the corporate media to fiddle with poll results in order to downplay Ron Paul's obvious lead in the eleventh hour before the caucus. Alex takes a look at the police state NDAA legislation signed into law by Obama, who promises he will not send the military to arrest American citizens and strip them of their rights under the Fourth Amendment. Read more.....

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  1. remembering after 9-11 Bush said-go shopping, if we alter our lifestyles they'll have won.....and so now we've done just that...and become like all the worlds nations, with gulags and disappearances and checkpoints and papers needed and fear of what's behind every rock and tree and the calls to be suspicious of every fellow man and see something say something..

    land of the free and home of the brave...where to now..

    ron paul warned of a dictator coming, history shows under such circumstances often one rises, the enactments point to such a path taken now, the bible also warns of a final dictator, save your souls in Christ


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