Friday, February 3, 2012

How High Does The Price Have To Go?

A–The price does not have to go any higher, I GET IT. My hope in the American dream once know as the Republic is gone. Today I realize that I must not continue to live and operate in this Mega Corporation, Billionaire Banker, and Power Mad Elite system any more. Today I begin to slowly “ween” myself off there forms of control of me, my family, and my finances. Over the next 60 days, I will begin to make choices to become SELF RELIANT, with God’s Guidance, and begin to break the chains of economic enslavement that have shackled me.

B–The price can keep going higher, I will just keep cutting out non essential items from my budget, and will figure it all out. I live in America the greatest country on Earth, we are just going through a tough economic period, it is all cyclical, by this time next year, gas will be back down to $3.00/gallon and my job will be better.
WHAT SAY YOU? What say you? Are you A or B....Read more......

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