Saturday, March 17, 2012

Meet Thomas Massie, Kentucky's Next Rand Paul

Much like Rand Paul, Massie’s small-government instincts extend beyond keeping a tight grip on the checkbook.

Congressional Republican candidate Thomas Massie has a near-perfect resume. He earned two degrees from MIT, made a fortune with SensAble Technologies, Inc., and then returned to his hometown in Northern Kentucky, where he and his wife built a solar-powered house from locally harvested materials and are raising a brood of beautiful children. Now serving as the judge executive of Lewis County, Kentucky, Massie claims to have eliminated “enough wasteful government spending” in his first nine months in office “to pay his first three years salary as Judge Executive.”

Massie’s penny pinching has earned him the ire of most of his colleagues in the Lewis County government. And that’s what his supporters like about him. “He’s got the spine to stand up in the county,” says Ryan Hogan, the organizational muscle behind Massie’s run to replace Rep. Geoff Davis of Kentucky’s Fourth District. “The other elected officials or the magistrates, they completely don’t like him.” Read more..........

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